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Sarah (Catching the Magic)

Brilliantly written and I really hope, in a bitter sweet way, the answer is, 'Not' x I read your letter with horror - as my Mum had the hot flushes and mood swings terribly and I'm dreading it. It's so tough being a woman! x


Yes, the ridiculous rude friends that have been showing up monthly are just lovely. And pms is a SYNDROME indeed! Initials don't give it justice!

Kerry Ann (aka Vinobaby)

Brilliant! How funny--just before I sat down here at my computer I was thinking about how so many women used to get hysterectomies when they were done "needing" a cycle, and how much easier that would make my life. Not looking forward to more years of uncertainty, irritability, and craziness. Mother Nature has a bizarre sense of humor sometimes.

Loved it. Cheers.


This could not have been more timely - my Facebook status as of five minutes ago reads, "Thank you, perimenopause, for the sudden vertigo. It's certainly more fun than mood swings, anxiety and hot flashes."

Menstruation and all of it's chums are welcome to pack their bags and GO any time, as far as I'm concerned.


Let me just say that I totally understand this. I am so done with my period. She can leave and never come back. You see, I got used to not having her and went through all kinds of infertility treatments to get babies.

And now that I am done having babies, she has decided to regularly show up. It sucks.





Just HAD to read when I saw the title! We're in the same phase - and I have become a HATER! So, this helped me remember the "good" days...but I'd be more than happy to say a fond, final fare-thee-well!
Thanks for the chuckle, I needed it! (visiting from Mama Kat's)


I am not looking forward to the time when Period starts play around with me. I know it's coming, but I'm only looking forward to the end of the process, not the process of ending.

The Bug

I've pretty much stopped, & I was really excited, but my doctor said, "not so fast young lady!" (I'm 47). He gave me pills to take so I'll have a period about once a quarter. Wow - I'm doing this to myself on PURPOSE!

Dana K

This was so incredibly well-written. I submitted it to StumbleUpon because I am SURE a ton of women can relate to it. Great job!

visiting from Mama Kat's


I think I have a while to go before hitting this phase... but bring.it.on. My dear sweet period likes to visit, on average, about every 3 weeks. I've never been a fan.

Your letter was brilliantly written!


Ahhhhh... I remember those days. When I had been period free for 1 year I made a bonfire out of the leftover box of tampons. It was strangely satisfying and somewhat apropos since we live in Texas. They do like to light stuff on fire here.


I hate a wishy-washy, disrespectful period. If our relationship is over, and it knows when it is, why keep hanging around, showing back up unannounced? It's rude.

There were times when I was so happy to see it I cried. And times I was so distraught upon seeing it that I cried. It only leaves when I'm breastfeeding. I tried to feed the boy until he was 12 but you know silly "friends" threatening to call CPS. I've asked my husband if I can remain perpetually pregnant, but, no. I hope yours decides to end the charade and leave you with your dignity (and keeping ingrates like Hot Flash away. I think he gets high).


Ha! Awesome. I felt very similar about 2 years ago, my Period was very needy and showing up every 2 weeks. Then I yelled and she never came back.


That was hysterical!! And so totally true and fitting! I'm waiting for the irregularity after 30 years but it's still determined to show up right on time and bring pain with it each and every month. Dammit!

Jennifer West

Every woman has that kind of relationship with her period. Sometimes we love to have them, sometimes we hate them. But whether we like it or not, we must deal with it and try to stay positive all the time.

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