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andrea-maybe it's just me

Why thank you! I think I can sit back and relax while I wait for the Mallomars to do their work!

Erica@Pines Lake Redhead

I love the Mommy stories! Pure gold!


I absolutely SQUEELED when I saw this was a "Mommy" post. I don't even know here and I adore the woman.

This dish actually sounds quite good; I may make it and serve the sauce over spaghetti squash. Can I post it if I give her full credit?

Sarah at 32Flavors

I LOVE MOMMY. I love that she refers to the Mallomars like they're a 5 hour energy drink or something. Is Mommy a hugger? I just picture her CONSTANTLY hugging.

Nancy (a musingmother)

Best thing EVER invented is the prelit Christmas tree. I have put up the tree three Christmases in a row without swearing a single time.


Sprite's Keeper

I adore Mommy. Someday you will write a book about her. My predictions are never wrong. :-)


Love the Mommy posts. They are so fun and they remind me of my aunt and her Italian American husband from Brooklyn.


Ditto on the Mommy love. Being a native New Yorker, I can totally relate to her kind, especially with non-blood Italian relatives...and my New York grandfather (lived at Fire Island--told you I'd been there) was the perfect Archie Bunker, cigar, chair, idiosyncrasies and all, so he and Mommy with her Edith voice would have made quite the pair...I would buy that book...

The Bug

I love Mommy too - she's a hoot.

One Christmas my mom forgot to write the names on the presents so my brother & I just dove in. We were flinging things at each other in a frenzy. Then there was the year she put my name on Joe's presents & his name on mine. While he was happy to give me my Madam Alexander doll I was sad to surrender the boxing gloves - why couldn't I have those too?


Mommy's Christmas tree plan is inspired!

Ginny Marie

My father-in-law does the same thing with his tree, only in his case he puts it in the garage because he lives in a townhouse.

I have a sudden craving for mallomars!


Mommy and my Husband have a LOT in common. It's almost scary... Can't wait to visit again next week!


I adore Mommy and you for sharing her with us. The Christmas tree thing is awesome in the truest sense of the word.


So helpful!! A book on Mommy? Count me in!

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