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Wow. Wow, can they just STOP a college rivalry like that? Surely they'll figure it out by next November, right? I mean, Georgia Tech (Go Jackets!) and [To Hell With] Georgia are deadly rivals, and they're in opposing conferences. Well, maybe that's it. ACC vs. SEC is huge. Big 12 just isn't as followed there. Oh my. Heartbreaking, indeed. (What's up with all these conference switcheroos, anyhow??)

Ooh, I just thought of how to put another notch in your esteem for me - Daddy got his Masters Degree at UT (Hook 'em Horns!) in the mid-70's, and my very first memory in life is a vague one of when we lived in Austin.

I did not, however, grow up on football. Mom hates it, and Dad can take or leave it, so I got indoctrinated as a Georgia Tech fan. (What's the good word? To HELL with Georgia!) Our rivalry game is Saturday. My sister is a huge Georgia fan & watches every game at a bar in Redondo Beach. We have a bet running. I take Georgia Tech/ACC football seriously now, you can bet. My mom wonders what happened to her daughters. :)

It's late at night, and now I'm babbling, but I'll leave you with the oldest Georgia joke (from a Ga Tech point of view) ever:

Q: What does a UGA grad call a Tech grad?

A: Boss.

unmitigated me

I know the words to that song, too!

I've been workin' on the railroad
All the livelong day
I've been workin' on the railroad
Just to pass the time away

well, you know the rest...

Lecia Rand

You are so good at telling the stories of your childhood and blending them with so much to think about and treasure from the past yet link it all into the present. I love your posts for that loving nostalgia that still keeps us in the present. As a fellow LA 49 year old mom of an 8 year old (today!) I relate so much to your writing and am so thankful for the humor, inspiration and positivity (that can't be a word is it???) you bring to my little second blooming. I think we must shop at the same Von's and TJs so my hope is to someday bump into you and ask if I could give you the biggest hug ever. You keep me going on those days when my beloved yet slightly not as involved as I'd like him to be hub and my work and kid lives make me koo koo with some bit of over the top Gretchen wonder fullness that makes me go Ok get off your arse and be positive like her! I know this post sounds slightly scary obsessive but truly you make my top blogs that I read everyday so THANK you! Happy Thankfullness day! If u r scared of me don't worry, you can ask laura p I am ok, she introduced me to blogs with an innocent "I have a blog" comment at ballet when Annie and my daughter were tiny ballerinas and pre school buddies. I just had to tell you how much I appreciate your work, you really are a fantastic writer and good stuff person!


What a shame that such an amazing rivalry is ending. I never quite got the obsession with football. You fans are cah-razy :)

Happy Thanksgiving! Go Longhorns ;)

visiting from Mama Kat

Paula Kiger

Great post - it is hard to see cherished traditions go! Have a great Thanksgiving!


Well, UT won - Beloved's younger daughter is a junior at A&M, and is not a happy camper today.

This Aggie was driving down the road and saw a sign that said, "Clean restrooms ahead." So he did.


White go-go boots? That is hot!


That is an awesome memory of Thanksgiving. Mine are not so colorful. But just as cherished.
Hope you and yours had a wonderful day.

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