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Those. are. awesome! Jude and AJ will be the envy of every boy around town. You rock.

Sprite's Keeper

That is AMAZING!!!
So original and so professional looking!
Jude is going to get the best candy in the neighborhood!
You're linked!


That is awesome. I am not showing Turbo. I'd never hear the end of it--although he'd want to be a Lego vampire or Frankenstein--he doesn't do zombies.

Lynn Hornsby

truly awesome-cool. Your hard work paid off--


This is filled with The Incredibleness! LOVE IT! And when I first saw the cat girl pic, I thought it was JUDE! (don't tell him!)

Stacy Uncorked

You are a GENIUS! I LOVE the costumes!! And I'm with Vandy - I'm not showing Princess Nagger, because she might change her mind about being an Angry Bird. ;)

Halloween - Then and Now


It's fantastic. And in that photo you look remarkably like Jude. I've never seen the resemblance before, but WOW!


Oh, lord. Thank you for your cardboard inspiration, because I will be spending this weekend creating Mater (from Cars). Alfred "took care of it" by ordering a commercial costume that didn't arrive in time, so guess who's on deck?


You can do it! Please post a picture.

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