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What an enlightening ghoulish tour of LA. Happy Halloween.

Sprite's Keeper

Paul Snider's photo- I can't decide which is fake, the hair, the Star of David, or the stuffed pants. Best laugh of my morning! And his wife? Makes me feel a whole lot better about my boobs. Ha!
Great Spin, I didn't want it to end!
You're linked!


This post? Was beyond AWESOME. All we have up here are rogue Amish men shaving each other's beards off. Oh, and guys letting wild animals lose before offing themselves. And that crazy guy up in Cleveland that kidnapped and murdered all those women and buried them in his basement. And that cop who killed his pregnant girlfriend and dumped her body in a national forest. And the crazy man who killed his mother-in-law and two small children to punish his ex-wife for divorcing him.

Okay, so apparently Ohio has it's share of nutjobs too. But you've still got the Black Dahlia *and* Charles Manson...


INCREDIBLE post -- your writing was spot-on! I wish that I'd been with you for the tour. Did you take a shower afterward?

The Bug

I'm kind of traumatized by Paul Snider's outfit - but the rest was great! My favorite part is the stealth Prius :)


I can't believe I've heard of all of these murders. I still can remember vividly watching the bronco chase lol. And Manson, I remember years ago reading Helter Skelter and then watching the TV movie. Yikes. Great job on telling the stories. I could just hear a voice in the vein of an old detective telling them, ha!


I think it's cool that you know of all the spooky places around town. I know of various places, but wouldn't know where they are -- especially to give someone a haunted tour.


Great Post! Loved reading it.


LOVED this post and the way you wrote it. Great Spin!

Lynn @ Curly Girl's Music World

Are you going to follow up next week (you must) on all of the accidental deaths in the area? I, literally, was just a block away from the Viper Room when we lost River Phoenix. I heard the sirens. Plus there's John B., Janis, Dorothy Dandridge and so many more.


Grisly cool. I didn't know about some of those.


Sigh, we have nothing so exciting. Just a few random ghost towns.
Would be interesting to go on a tour like that one--oh, I just got to, thanks!


Gretchen! I loved everything about this post!!

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