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I don't recall if I ever forgot to do my Tooth Fairy duties - I'm too busy trying not to remember the absolutely traumatic experience of the "there is no Santa Claus" discussion with The Young One.


Our Tooth Fairy has Sunday's off. At least that's the explanation one of my kids got!

Sprite's Keeper

I am not looking forward to the tooth losing experience. Sprite will be there in a year or so and I'm already envisioning both of us freaking out.


The tooth Fairy was very late once with one of Turbo's teeth, not sure if she got caught or not, but we are going on the assumption that he still wants money and won't say anything.


When going her divorce, the Tooth Fairy forgot her duties not one night but TWO nights in a row. She wrote a long apology note stating that she had the flu and was under doctor's orders not to fly. She also left a nice wad of cash. But honestly, eldest son was more impressed with the note than with the moola.


That is... When going THROUGH her divorce...

The Tooth Fairy had a long day at the office and is tired. Sorry.

Michele R.

Ms. Moon once gave left a comment on a post I wrote with that most excellent suggestion.
The Tooth Fairy was once unable to get to our house due to an emergency and we found out because she left a note on the front door and there was a bunch of coins scattered all over the porch.


The tooth fairy fell through for me one year...and when I whined to Daddy the next morning, he handed me a twenty out of his wallet, saying that's all he had.

That was when Mom was going through cancer treatments, Dad was worried, and two little girls didn't really understand everything that was going on. Many years later, I found out that $20 bill was his lunch money, and he had to pack his lunch for a week or two to make up for it, probably adding a bit MORE stress to his mornings. Equal parts guilt and gratefulness??? YES.

Randy Deaver

Haha! It is funny when we fail to perform our fairy duties, and then make lots of excuses. LOL! That's a great tip! And when you see your toothbrush, that means you have something to do in her room. Just keep your brush when your she loses her tooth. Hoho!

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