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Oh, so much fun. And the photo is fantastic -- they all just look so glamorous --


So I was at least right about the bright and bubbly part. I'l take you up for the drink in June.


Your Mama sounds wonderful.
I am again reminded of my mom and her time in New York in the 60s. Growing up I though my mom was a church going good girl. When I was a teenager more of the story began to come out. She had a good time as a single, pretty young woman out there. Not quite the prim and proper. Moms are mysteries, but oh so interesting.

Sprite's Keeper

Wow! I love the history behind the photo! Your mom may have been a puzzle, but those are the most interesting people in my book. You're linked!


Well, I'm a goof - but seriously, the LAST person I'd have thought was the mustache lady was your Mama.

I'd write about some of MY mother's shenanigans (she was no lady and didn't pretend to be one), but both of my sister's (who already dislike me) heads would explode.


That's just too much. I love the stories from the "ladies" about what happened while the men were away at war. For every guy who had an "adventure" abroad, I think almost as many women had one back home.


Wow, I can't believe how close I got! (it's Shelby from the now defunct Gen X Moms, btw). I guessed Chicago because both sides of my extended family are from Chicago and the room they're in looks EXACTLY like old family pictures we have. I'm just shocked it's not a baby shower. I should've written a story to go with my guess. Ah, well, regrets regrets.

What a great picture and story. Thanks Gretchen!


Sorry--Shelby now = My Year With The Mouse (my Disneyland blog).


Well, wow! I would never have guessed it was her, given all the Southern Lady descriptions we've read in the past! Good for her for pushing for making an exciting life for herself. Even if some of it isn't true, it's fun to imagine it is.

the redc

Have you ever looked up the one-time fiance Lawrence? That might be interesting... ;)

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