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Excellent post -- and I love the Freddie pic -- amazing, amazing outfit that is sending me off to a sweet slumber.

Terra Heck

That "Concotionator" is one rockin' machine! The aquarium room would be fun to stay in, although I'd probably get sea sickness from it. Happy RTT.

Stacy Uncorked

Now I want a Concotionator - think of the yummy drinks you can mix with that! And yes, it was the polite thing to do for you to drink all the frozen apple martinis. ;)

Heh, that bundled up beach shot is priceless - and reminds me of all the hours spent on the beach at the Washington and Oregon coast since we were usually there on days like that. ;)

I want to live in that room, too - and I'm not a Pisces! :)

I have seen that Wal*Mart commercial! Now I'll have to start paying attention so I can let you know the when/where...which means I'll have to be less aggressive in fast-forwarding through the commercials, eh? :)

Jude cracks me up - him writing in cursive asking to watch TV please is something Princess Nagger totally would have done. And yes, you HAD to let him watch TV then! :)

Thanks so much for being so diligent with the Random Rebellion in spite of my suckitude as the hostess! You ROCK! :)


I don't know where to begin; lots of great random today. :) The beach looks pretty cool. I always liked to go when it wasn't just pleasant and sunny. The changes made it special. And I so want one of those concotionator things. It would probably make me entertain more. Happy Tuesday!


I could get in a lot of trouble with one of those concoctionators. But what a way to get in trouble!
I have seen that commercial--but I know it wasn't on one of the big networks--we watch lots more cable stations. I will keep my eyes open for the particulars now.


OMG - where do you get a Concoctionator??? No, don't tell me. It's better that way. Really.


The concoctionator? Hmmmmm. Christmas is coming.

That room would make me nervous. What if it sprung a leak while you were sleeping? OR someone wanted to off you and just took a baseball bat to the walls? Drowning while your half asleep? No thanks.


Of course, you had to drink all of the frozen apple martinis. A Southerner would never be so rude as to let it seem that they weren't liked.


Freddy Mercury puts me in my happy place. Amazing vocalist...the likes of which can never be imitated..


*Yay, union!!! I have the conversation with the boys every year that it's thanks to unions that they can go to school rather than working in a factory. I get so ANGRY when I hear people maligning them.

*Brilliant handwriting assignment interpretation there, Jude. Nicely done.

*I'm a Pices, and no. I have a rather bad phobia of drowning, though, so that might have something to do with it.

*Mamma Mia, let me go!!! :)

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