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Terra Heck

I was a devoted fan of Breaking Bad when it came out. Need to find the time to catch up on the last two seasons.
Not everyone can say they kissed Patrick from Spongebob. I can see why your kid thinks that's awesome.
Happy RTT!


That recipe is outrageous. I wish I had a bowl of it to eat right this instant.


I feel awful about the dwarf porn star dude dying but at the same time I am laughing my arse off the way you told the story. OMG I am such a bad person....tears are rolling down my face. ROFL!


Just reading that recipe makes me feel greasy! And I totally saw that story about the dwarf in the badger den. Which is like... how in the heck did he get in there?!? Happy Tuesday!


Doritos is one of my favorite chips..may have to try this recipe one day when I feel like indulging. Lol @ the commenter above - this recipe makes me feel greasy...too funny.


Poor Badger... I mean, did he invite the dwarf porn star in? Probably not.

You kissed Patrick! Holy Cow! That's almost like cartoon porn.

The Dorito recipe? Uhm, that just makes my stomach hurt reading it.

Sprite's Keeper

I am so glad I swore off Doritos and processed cheese otherwise I'd be buying some ingredients on my way home.

Cathy Kenendy

Talk about real randomish stuff, you sure put it out there! From young star kissing to the death of Mr. Dorito. Incidentally, your recipe reminds me of one I use to use several years ago. I believe it was called Taco Casserole or something like that. It was yummy!

Randoming things up with ya,
Hair Dye to Ice Cream Comparison with RTT


How exactly do you shred Velveeta? That just sounds messy all by itself.
The recipe sounds sort of like a tatertot casserole we like to make, only I avoid Velveeta cause it's so very salty.
Turbo would be impressed by the Patrick thing--8 year olds, They are pretty much all alike.
Those are some celebrity sightings. Makes soccer a bit more exciting.


Ohhh, Patrick, SWOON! And I love Jeanne Tripplehorn.


Well, do you know who we saw at Oscar's last soccer game? A guy in an Iron Maiden T-shirt. From a concert. That's right.


and great job on the weightloss!

Sarah at themommylogues

I saw your commercial yesterday! Here's the nitty gritty:
9/26, 1:15 pm CT, on my NBC affiliate out of Eau Claire, WI, during Days of Our Lives

Mmmm...Doritos. I will have some with lunch, and I will think of Mr. Dorito.


Great Random. I kept looking for a clip of the make out scene ; -)


That might just be the randomnest assortment of randomness yet! Badgers eating people to Doritos references to kissing Patrick?? You are the Random Queen!

Christina @RantRaveRoll

haha.... you kissed Patrick. What kid wouldn't love that! Gordon Ramsay and the dwarf resemblance... kinda creepy. Hanging out in a badger den... even creepier.


If I collectively added up the attractiveness of ALL the men on the sidelines of Megan's game tonight, it wouldn't even come close to 1 Nestor. Lucky duck. AND her team lost. I'm going to consider that insult to injury!

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