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Oh cool. That sounds like fun.

Ginny Marie

What a great idea! (The links, I mean.) I started reading again after a friend asked me to join her book club. I am finishing up Unbroken, by Laura Hillenbrand, and it is amazing! Of course, book club met last week and I hadn't finished it yet.... :)

Lynn Hornsby

I might have to read Keith's bio too: I found him to be quite different from I expected on a piece recently on "CBS Sunday Morning," that he's really more of a regular guy now, with two young daughters and living in Connecticut. I too have tried to pick reading back up, since I do lots of computer work and the last thing I really want to do is look at more print.

Sprite's Keeper

I love reading. I'm reading a book about Area 51 right now which reads more like a science fiction horror than alleged reality.


I want to be a reader again! This stupid test brings on all sorts of guilt when I do anything but study. I love that you are reading with Jude. Leading by example!!


Hurrah for reading! I'm so glad for you that you've gotten back into it.

The links are a great idea!

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