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It was karma. That b&^ch understands the need for wine.

When I was 6 the Beatles song Michelle came out. From that moment on everyone that heard my name would belt out the song. I mean every.single.one! (damn the Beatles for being so popular) I started to hate it so much that by the time I meet my husband 15 years later I told him that if he started to sing it it would be the last date we ever went on.

Michele R.

You should have totally played the lottery that day!!!

I liked the Michelle song and especially the French lines.


Sometimes it just works out. I can see the need for wine and cool taht Jude got to hear "his" song.


I guess I'm an old Mom - wine is definitely a priority. The kid can wait a few minutes.

Yeah, I know - but they all grew up despite me. Or perhaps to spite me.

Sarah at themommylogues



PB always says the key to success is timing.


Guilty as a Michelle-singer here! Love that song, love girls/women named Michel(l)e...they always end up being people I enjoy spending time with. (As evidenced by the fact that they put up with me singing their name.)

I think I was just jealous, though. No one ever sang "Amie" to me.

Back to the subject at hand - You were obviously meant to have that wine, Gretchen!


Love it.


That is...a lot of "hey" songs. I had no idea. I would have assumed Hey Jude would have been first, too.

Picton Bay, hmm? I must look into it.

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