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Lynn @ Curly Girl's Music World

Happy, happy day, Gretchen and Jimmy! May you have many more years of decadent dinners together. Thank you so much for being wonderful friends and creative spirits that have graced our lives. (And, for your beautiful boy, Jude, who makes my little girls so incredibly happy!)


Happy Anniversary, Gretchen. You guys are gorgeous.

Michele R.

Happy Anniversary! It's on a Friday--whatcha guys gonna do? Is there the cooking of seafood involved?


Sweetest picture ever! Happy Anniversary you crazy kids.

Sprite's Keeper

Gorgeous! Happy anniversary!


I think I told you this the first time you posted that photo, but still - I LOVE it. You are so gorgeous and look so darn happy; it makes me all misty-eyed.

Congratulations to both of you!


Congrats! And what a wonderful picture!


Happy Anniversary! You were a beautiful bride.


Happy anniversary, you two!

AND, as one friend puts it, happy birthday to your family. It's how she introduced her young kids to the concepts of anniversaries, and I love it.

You looked like a princess on your wedding day, Gretchen.

"In My Life" is one of the songs I sang as a lullaby to Kalen. :)

The Bug

What a fabulous picture! And I loved the song... I'll have to play it for my dear heart - can't believe we'll be celebrating 21 years in a couple of months!

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