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I remember Paul et Therese! Yes, I do. I took French from seventh grade through twelfth and then MAJORED in it in college, yet I remember virtually nothing. Here's the bit of dialogue I remember from those early years:

Ou est Sylvie?
Ou est Sylvie?
Au lycee?
Au lycee?

Ou est Philippe?
Ou est Philippe?
A la piscine.
A la piscine.

Our high school teacher was M.Cronk -- she sounds like the sister of yours -- very French and oh, la, la, she despaired of our spoiled Atlanta asses.


My French teacher was a Polish woman with a Nazi concentration camp tattoo on her wrist. J'ai beaucoup appris. nous avons les moyens de vous faire apprendre.

Now, I can read it a whole lot better than I can speak it and thank god for google translator.

Michele R.

Well with a name like Michele Renee, what do you think I took in 7th through 12th grade and then two more years in college. And you'd better believe I used the accent grave on the first e in Michele and the accent aigu on the first e in Renee. And then I married an American with a French last name.
I have the best memories too of my friends in class and our teachers. Thanks for the memories from your enjoyable post!

Michele R.

Oh, and meant to add this: how much do I use French any time as an adult: Zéro


I took Spanish, being a good little Texas girl. Unfortunately, I have absolutely NO aptitude for any language other than my own - I can't even fake an accent.

I did well in Spanish I, because my teacher, who had also taught my English class the year before, liked me a great deal and knew that I tried hard. Alas,the woman who taught Spanish II was like your final French teacher - a native speaker whom I appalled. In fact, we pretty much all appalled her; the only kids who did well in her classes were the Hispanic kids who were already bilingual.

Sprite's Keeper

Love it! I remember the kids in our Spanish texts going to la biblioteca and checking out a libre. :-)
After 5 years of Spanish, I finally just married a Spanish man who takes care of all my espanol needs. :-)
You're linked!


Of COURSE I took French, with a name like Aimee! In Southern California. Duh.

But. My teacher was Dutch, with an *amazingly* perfect French accent, and he pounded that pronunciation into us. Thank goodness, since I moved to England after sophomore year, went to an American school, and ended up with a Southern French teacher. He spoke French with a twang. It was hard to listen to. (He was a very nice man, and I liked him a lot, but still.)

I quit French after junior year. Not because of the twang, but because I couldn't conjugate the damn irregular verbs. S'asseoir gave me fits.


I have a smattering of Spanish left over from high school, a bit of German from college, but nothing that would be useful in any real way. Nick studied French for six years and contemplated majoring in it in college, but decided that the job choices in that field were limited to say the least. He has gotten to use his now limited recollection of French when we run into French Canadians at places like Disney.

Johanna Damon

Loved it! Should have stuck with you for the second and third year, though! Make sure you apply your cream to moist face and neck and rinse with lukewarm water. What a sweet letter Kaysie wrote with typical Kaysie errors. She loved the French language (langue) because it was so pretty.and she hoped that you would (pourrons) someday read her letter and laugh(rions) about her bad grammar.
You and I should have gone to Paris back then. You could have become the next Cathérine and I could have married my French comte with his chateaux and vignobles and we could have lived la vie en rose en français, naturellement


Ha! So great. I made the same stupid choice in College (french instead of Spanish and I'm from AZ), but then I moved to Canada and see a lot of French so I guess it worked out all right in the end.


I loved this post. Made me think of my high school best friend. I took Spanish. 3 yearsI have retained just enough to embarass myself if I try to speak it now! I can read it better than speak it but do both very poorly.


I took French too - We only had the option of German and French in my Minnesota High School. We got Spanish my senior year so I took both French and Spanish then. My step-kids got Spanish at their Spanish Immersion School - all through 12 grades! Jake has "Yo Habla Espanol" on his Target badge.


I had a year of French in Junior High, but that was it. I didn't take a language in High School, but wound up taking a semester of German just to fulfill my language requirement.

I only know how to pronounce words-- don't ask me what they mean.

Sarah at themommylogues

We only had the choice of German or Spanish. So I pulled the Ultimate Geek, and went to French CAMP. Oui.

The first year I went for two weeks. We lived in cabins named after areas of France. I chose the name Veronique. The second year I went for a month. Veronique was already taken when I got there, so I went with Mireille. My cabin was Avignon. The dining hall was Paris. The third year, which was to be the best summer of my life at French camp, I GOT MONO. One week before it started. I remember I got a little sick over July 4. I was supposed to go sometime around the 12th. By then I had mono and tonsilitis. I alternated crying and sleeping for the rest of the summer.

I still sing my camp songs. I keep trying to teach my girls "Head, Shoulders, Knees, and Toes" in French.

Also, as a side note, Chelsea Clinton attended the German camp next to ours just one session before I went.


I love Mrs. Damon's comment! "Typical Kaysie errors"! Great post, and I have straddled this particular fence. Spanish all through high school y a la universidad, and then French in grad school when I realized that graduate study in English requires French. I can translate critical theory well enough but my heart races if I have to speak in a boulangerie.

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