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Terra Heck

Two of my kids saw the new Harry Potter movie and said it was epic. I won't make it to the theater to see it but will be buying it once out on DVD. That Creamsicle drinks sounds delish. May have to make it this weekend at camp.


I have many HP movies to catch up on before I see the last one. My daughter was never really a fan, so we did not see them all!

Soup sounds yummy. I might be making that tonight.

Cut the rope is fun!

I'd love for you to visit my blog. I just made the move this week to a self hosted WP blog!

Mom on Caffeine


Not sure what happened when I "logged" in for my comment, but nothing leads back to my blog, so I'm trying again!


That drink sounds awfully tasty; very summer-ish. Happy Tuesday!


I just sort of glossed over your critique of Deathly Hallows - I still haven't seen it yet. In a way, I don't want to because that will mean it's really, truly over. *sigh* I'm the same way about the last two Spenser novels I haven't read; when they're done, they're done, woe is me.

You want an addictive game? "Amazing Sherrif" on Facebook. Yea, gods, I can't stop playing.

Sprite's Keeper

LOVED HP 7.5! I felt like the filmed epilogue followed the book pretty closely as the book was a bit anti-climatic as well at the ending. Just seeing them, no strange occurrences, no sneaks at what may happen in the future, just tying up loose ends. But the movie? WOW.
Cut the rope is a fun one for Sprite. She loves playing it. I can't get past a few levels before the tension gets to me and I just have to give it up.


Good thing you found me a new Netflix show to watch. We had run out. I have a 50-yr old lovefest going on with Benedict. It's sick really so let's not talk about it and don't tell him. I'd be so embarrassed.

You have just made my dinner plans for tonight. That soup sounds perfect for our 102 degree heat.


I want to see Harry Potter, we may make time when it hits the second run theater, but probably won't make it otherwise. And we will definitely be getting it on DVD. I'm in the process of reading it aloud to Turbo(and Nick).
I don't have an iphone so don't have to worry about those addicting game--mostly. I have fallen into Gardens of Time on Facebook. I love those hidden object games.


I'm happy to see an actress complimenting the acting in the HP series. I always thought they were good, but that frequently means it's krappe to the professionals.

Cut the rope is addicting. Almost as bad as angry birds. I stick to farming zombies.


That drink sounds DIVINE!!! Perfect to sit around the pool... :P

Sarah at themommylogues

The soup sounds great! Might have to try that.

Captain Dumbass

Cut the rope is addicting, and that Cremesicle sounds very good about now.


Still haven't seen the last Harry, while my son went two times opening week and went to a HP party. I will see it eventually. Don't get me started on anymore addicting games!!!!


Ooh, just added The Last Enemy to my streaming queue. Thanks! You and I have similar tv tastes, so I know DH and I will love it.

And YEAH on that drink. Sounds scrumptious.


I made the soup the other night. I had a hard time remember which blog I saw it on! It was good. I forgot the fresh dill, so improvised with some other herbs I had on hand. I served with tuna salad on a slice of tomato!

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