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Lynn H

oh my--the 80's dance thing--all I can say is "the hair-or, the hair-or.." what were we thinking?


Oh my the 80s. Yeah, I wanna dance now. Yep, what were we thinking?
Then I look at today's styles and think oh goodness the 80s they are coming back.


I am rubbing my hands together with relish and glee in anticipation of your coming stories. I really can't wait. Have a safe trip there and a wonderful "vacation."


People with 80's hair turn me off. Ok, really they just scare me.

Funny that you and Jude just entered that phase. My college roommate just wrote me to tell me the same thing about her and her 8 year old son. Must be the age. Good for him, though!


I love your new refrigerator! Stainless isn't hard to keep clean, you just have to wipe it down frequently. Always wipe in the direction of the grain! ;)

Good luck on your "vacation."

Ginny Marie

I love having my freezer on the bottom! That way the milk in the fridge is at the perfect height, and I don't have to bend down so low to open the veggie and fruit drawers.

Have fun with your in-laws! I'm off to vote for you again. :)


I think the entire celebrating 50 thing was because no one really lived into their fifties back then with all the smiting and upheaval and burning down of the temples. So, it was considered pretty miraculous to get there. :-)

Captain Dumbass

Congratulations on the jubilee, and I hear WD40 is good for the finger prints.


Just cover up the stainless steel with magnets and relatives pictures, and pictures of your dog, etc, etc. You'll never notice the fingerprints!

Have fun in New York!


Mint grows in fields. Rum comes from sugarcane which grows in fields. Ice comes from water which rains down on the fields to keep the sugarcane and mint growing. Logically, this means Mojitos come from fields and are totally acceptable. Go forth and make merry, without a worry that your Mojitos are not to be had during your fiftieth year.

Seriously jealous of your french door fridge, whoever told you you'd be sorry was wrong, they are wonderful.

Lynn @ Curly Girl's Music World

Olive oil is a wonder for cleaning/shining stainless steel.

Christina @RantRaveRoll

Funny... as soon as I heard two weeks and in laws I knew it had to be sarcasm.


1. That is a very strange video.

2. Voted for you again!

3. Have a great time at Mommy's. I can't WAIT to hear the stories this year!

4. Off to check out Maggie's blog...

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