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First and earthquake and then a hurricane! The northeast is really getting it. I have the same sentiment for them about hurricanes as you do about quakes. I lived in South Florida for years; a category one is nothing! Ok ok, that was mean. :) Happy Tuesday.


Having grown up in on the West Coast we found that photo hilarious. I've seen that Walmart ad lately. I'll keep better track from now on.


Hmmm - I shall have to make an effort to actually watch television and keep an eye out for your commercial.

I cannot stand Nancy Grace, so even though I don't watch the show I'll be rooting for Chaz.


Love the commercial. You look like a sincerely proud mama.

Sprite's Keeper

I need to come back and see the commercial, but am definitely going to tune in to see Chaz take down Nancy Grace. Yeah!j


I love each and every one of your random thoughts, particularly the Walmart commercial. You go! I expect to be taken to lunch when those residuals come in.

Cathy Kennedy

Hey Gretchen...we've spotted the Walmart commerical here in Knoxville, TN. Are you the mom in the audience? Can I tell people, I actually know a celebrity? That's so cool! David Keith is from Knoxville. My husband worked at TVA at the time David's dad worked there. That was kindda interesting. We never saw the Knoxville native turn Hollywood star, though. They say he lives here somewhere, though.

Oh that earthquake photo is so funny. That one gave me a chuckle. I believe I'm like many folks here in the east, you couldn't get me to move to California because of the quakes. But, it's all in what you're use to right? Mother Nature has trade offs all across the country.

Linking up with RTT fun!



Food Network, roughly 1:30 p.m. EDT, watching Barefoot Contessa: Back To Basics. She uses commercially prepared horseradish and mayonnaise (blech), but that's okay because I SAW IT!!

You were marvelous.


Hey Gretchen, I've seen that commercial a bit (both here in So Cal and in Atlanta where I've been a lot this summer) and now I'm excited to know it is you! Also, I adore that sweet little face on Gus and will have him in my thoughts and prayers.


HAHA I love that commercial!

Sarah at themommylogues

I've seen it I've seen it!!! And when I see it the next time, I'll take note of channels, etc.

Lynn @ Curly Girl's Music World

What I love most about your commercial is that it took a 3-hour fitting to find a sweater and a blouse!

Johanna Damon

I've seen it several times but can't remember channel. will pay attention next time!


Yeah! I was right. I thought that was you. I've seen it in Charlotte, NC a couple of times on The CW channel around 10:45pm.


You did better than I - I just deleted my attempt at an RTT post, because it was so lean. I'll try again next week.

Ack, we've seen the commercial, but I don't know what time/channel. I'll pay better attention and let you know. I wasn't actually watching, just half-listening, so obviously didn't notice you. Shame on me!


I have totally seen your commercial! Whoo hoo for you!
That earthquake picture made me chuckle.
I am so excited for DWTS!!


I saw the commercial on HGTV during the Property Brothers 8:10 central time here is Missouri!! Whoo Hoo I even backed up the dish network to watch it again then again to make sure my husband saw it too!!

Lynn H

saw your Wal-Mart commercial on TLC at 9:50P on TLC tonight, Aug. 31 (yes, it was Toddlers and Tiaras--geesh)

Lynn H

ok--10:40P. still on TLC--(yes, another "Toddlers and Tiaras"--)

Erica@Pines Lake Redhead

I saw your commercial last night on Lifetime during a Project Runway re-run sometime during the 7 o'clock hour Eastern Time. Time I actually heard the sound! I watched the clip above at work without speakers.

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