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It's going to be an awesome two weeks at Second Blooming -- I can already tell.


Oh I know it will be, I can't wait.

Balance!!! It's all about balance! She needs to write a book of these little rules. I bet Jude is in HEAVEN.


: - )


Too funny. I hope I got the accents right in my head but I doubt it. Mommy was done in a Jersey accent and Pop was done in an old Italian mafia family accent. How I do?


LOL, I think 'balance' would make me turn green (I was going to write 'make me vomit' but thought that was a bit graphic, ha!).

I love Mommy and Pop editions :)


I love these people.


I love how he turns to you to make sure the stories are true. Great!

Captain Dumbass

Balance, I might use that.


Balance! Omigosh, priceless.

I fear balance would result in massive heartburn...


Must remember to balance my carb loaded dinner with dairy loaded dessert. Got it. Thank Mommy for the diet tips.

Have you ever thought of doing stand up? You have way more than enough material.

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