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Congrats on the top ten thing although I should be extremely angry given that you only "joined" in when you saw that I was on it. Sigh.

In all seriousness, we need to go out to have a celebratory drink since I don't think we'll be winning any money!

(and another post about your adventures is wonderful -- I love coming here each night)

Michele R.

I adore how on this trip we are seeing Jude "Coming of Age" and being factual regarding the grandfolks and his comfort. It is universal how that happens when they grow older. I am dying over those tattoos.
How and where are you managing to get online? And, did you previously buy the pink top for Mommy?


I love that Jude is willing to throw himself under the bus. I'd encourage this behavior if it was me, while kindly scolding Jude, of course.

We should all do posts about the bad tats we've seen. My current favorite is the one that a friend's family member has down his spine; "tooced by an angle" Yes, it should be "touched by an angel".


@Elizabeth - The only reason you didn't won the whole thing, is that you only mentioned it TWICE in your blog. I, however, begged and pleaded CONSTANTLY and pathetically. I can't decide whether to be proud of myself or disgusted.
@Michele R - Yes, I DID buy Mommy the slutty hot pink tank top! And I'm online because my friend Ray got me a really long cable so I can connect with Mommy's "module".
@Michele - "tooced by an angle" makes me shudder!


Well, if I were going to get a$$ antlers, why not "Brown Passion". Or are those directions? Hmmmm.

I love your trips back east. I feel like I should send Mommy and Pop a present for making me smile so wide.

Sarah at themommylogues

Oh. My. Goodness.


Ewwww...the tattoos.....ewww....

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