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Tell Jude from me that those stitches look GREAT! I can't wait to show the boys tomorrow. Frankenboy, indeed.

I'll bet you lost a few weeks off your life, though, Gretchen. Phew!

And thank you for the Edith Bunker heads-up. It makes the story even better. ;)


Oh, my god. That speech of Mommy's (read silently with an Edith Bunker voice, exactly) was wild -- perfection.

Oh -- where are MY priorities? I am so sorry to hear of Jude's "adventure" -- that looks like a nasty gash! As a veteran of head gashes (due to seizures), I highly recommend rubbing in Vitamin E oil when the stitches come up. Religiously. It does wonders.


My son had a little accident when he was 11 that required 11 stitches. In the words of his best friend; "Cool man! Chicks dig scars."

Vitamin E & lots of sun block when he goes outside. You can hardly see my son's scar.

And, I'm shaking my head at mommy's speech because you can't buy that kind of funny.


HA! That's what it means to be a blogger; accidents, incidents and pratfalls become opportunities, or as I like to say: "That which doesn't kill me only serves as blog fodder."

Poor Jude; the scar won't detract from that gorgeous face - it will add character. My 2 boys? Got a LOT of character (I have not raised children, I have raised klutzes).


Turbo got his first stitches at age 2. He was three week shy of his third birthday. Five stitches above his left eye. I am so glad that Nick was home. I'm good with the barfing and colds and flu, but the major blood just shuts me down.
Jude will have a awesome scar to show off and it's in a good place to show off.
Boys, they are determined to see how fast they can make mom crazy.

Sprite's Keeper

Poor Jude! Although that will make a really cool scar which will turn into a natural laugh line when he's older. :-)
Now I will be thinking in the Edith Bunker voice for the rest of the day. That should help with my job..

Sarah at themommylogues

EGADS!!! I got a little nauseous just thinking about it. My stomach does flips when my girls MIGHT trip.

Good gracious. I think I need a nap now.

Michele R.

Poor Jude! Poor Gretchen! And we get to hear more of Mommy next week!
Hope everyone is recovering well.

Molly Stevens

Ah man those stitches look intense! They almost don't look real- hopefully he doesn't have too bad of a scar, although I'm sure he may like that. I just visited one of these family resorts in Texas with my family and they had an indoor water park. I kept telling my kids not to mess around because they could get hurt- I'll have to show them the pictures of your son, because of course they don't listen to word I have to say! Hopefully your son recovers so he can get back to the water park! They definitely are a ton of fun for kids!

Water Parks in Washington

Thank you for sharing this post. I found it very interesting. My son has a scar like that and just loves to show it to his friends.

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