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Sounds like Camp Mama was a success this year. And what is it with the eight year olds and growing? I swear that turbo could not fit a single pair of pants from last year. They all became high water in a matter of weeks. I suppose this means they are doing their job, but could they do it just a bit slower?


Have you watch MI-5 yet? We are totally sucked in.


Okay - bookmarking this post for the shows to watch on Netflix. DETERMINED to watch these shows, since it may be forever before we see season 5 of Dexter and it's going to be 2012 before they show the new (and last - I has a sad) of Mad Men.

I am also quite sad that Camp Mama 2011 is over with. It seems it just started last week! Where did the summer go?

Sprite's Keeper

Yes, I already have most of those shows queued up on my Netflix. :-)
Still sounds like a wonderful summer, bruises and all!
You're linked!


This makes me wish we had Netflix. Sigh. But then I'd never get anything done.

Sounds like the perfect summer to me. How much do you charge per boy, at Camp Mama? I'd like to enroll 2 for next summer.


You give such good summer recap.

It sounds like Jude had an awesome summer, despite his medical episodes. You are the Fun Mom!

I too am going to copy down the names of these shows. You have watched Downton Abbey, HAVEN'T YOU?? I'm working on Sherlock.


Your summer sounds way fun. I bet Jude will have the best summer memories out of all of his friends when he's all growed up.

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