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This got me thinking. Is there one thing that I drag from place to place (and JR doesn't count)? Damn it! I can't think of a thing. I'm going to have to work on this problem. Time to call my mother.


First, those pictures of Jude as a baby are adorable! Those smooshy cheeks.

Lovies are popular over this way, too. Even PB has one (though the boys regularly claim everything as theirs...)

I love your childhood pictures. Look at those long legs. No wonder you're an actress!

The Bug

My mom had my first doll, Wagons (don't ask - I have NO idea where that name came from) restored for me after I was married. I thought that was so cool - although I missed her nubby hair (from that time I washed it).

I have a stuffed dog that my brother gave me when I went to college. He went to Zambia & back with me & still has a special place in our bedroom. He's definitely real :)


Turbo had a gang of four that went upstairs(his bedroom was in the basement) and downstairs each day. He wasa bit more creative with his names, but not much--there was Baboo(a classic Tigger), Cece (a stuffed moose), Gecko(a gecko), and Duck (a duck). But what he really attached to was a green down throw blanket. I've raised a Linus.
Bruiser on the other hand has not really attached to any on particular stuffed friend. He has several and his names are similar to Jude's. Frog, for the frog, T. Bear for any of the Teddy Bears he has, oh and Charlie for the Sea horse. Oh and each boy has a stuffed Scooby Doo--good for chasing away the Boogie Man.
It's so fun to see them


I. Love. This. Post.

Oldest Son has a large, yellow teddy, Coco, lovingly placed on a shelf by herself, in the closet of his apartment. Oldest Son is 28 years old; Coco is 27.

I think my daughter has every stuffed animal she's ever owned packed away in her tiny apartment and 16-year-old Young One just stopped sleeping with Better Bear (he was given him as a gift when he had eye surgery in the first grade) just a couple of years ago - he's still in his room, though.

Are Coco and Better Bear real? More real than some of their human friends, I think.


You know, I started out reading this post thinking -- stuffed animals? Really? Sigh. And then I got going and going and going -- went over to the other post -- and going and I LOVE IT. I love the way you think and weave stories. I love Baby Dear. And those sixties photos were priceless.

Sprite's Keeper

Oh my GAWD! It's only fitting that Pups is balding a bit from all the love, but the baby? How is it missing a toe???
Love this and I still have my old Pound Puppy from when I was a kid. It now sits in Sprite's toy box, in the bottom of the bin. Sad. So sad.
You're linked!


This is the best post EVER! Your son is adorable and I love that you took Baby Dear to college. I took my teddy bear, Mr. McGruff (he had a plaid boytie, so I figured he must be Scottish). My kids are totally literal in naming their animals, too, though my daugther will occasionally come up with a surprise, like when she named her stuffed cat Snickels. Great spin!


That makes me miss my dollies even more. My baby carriage with my Raggedy Ann, Dressy Bessy, Mrs. Beasley and my Baby Doll got stolen from the hallway of our apartment building.


I'm with you.

Ragabunny (Raggy for short) is made of yellow terry cloth and has a completely new skin, made by my mom when I was 12. His was son thin at that point, you could see the foam stuffing. He lives in my closet, still. My sister still has Sydney, her koala, on her bed. (Hasn't yet been displaced by a significant other.)

My boys' attachments are blankets/afghans that they've had since infancy. I'm so glad they have them.


We have a stuffed Charlie Brown doll that I forced on my then 2 year old son Samuel after the birth of my second son. Samuel took Charlie with him everywhere we went including the library during story time. As I sat in the back with my tiny baby, I allowed Samuel to get a front row seat. He then proceeded to lift his shirt and nurse Charlie for the entire story. At the time I was horrified, but looking back I think it was quite dear.


ADORABLE! My son's 2 favorite toys are one's that my husband gave me before he was born and so now we "share" them!

Amy in Australia

This was so great! Jude is such a sweetie. I used to "casually" leave my bedroom, wait in the hall, and then dart back inside to try and catch my dolls moving and talking. I don't think I was fast enough.

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