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Sprite's Keeper

Lovely words. And so true. I've seen the serenity prayer time and again, my own mother-in-law says it in Spanish, and it seems to calm her. To be truly forgiving, I don't think you need to forget, you just need to be willing to overcome your anger. I'm glad you and your friend are talking again, but she's probably a lot more humble now, huh?
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Gretchen, so very moved by this story. Lovely.


I *was* going to say, "If that horrible thing your friend did is what I think it is, you're the most forgiving person I've ever known." Not that you're not, but it made me think about that same hurtful thing someone did to me many years ago. Not that we were close friends any way, but that doesn't lessen the hurt. When I see her now, we're quite pleasant to each other and I certainly hold no grudge (which is more than I can say for the other party involved in this hurtful action).


It is interesting how you pick up on the attitudes and philosophies of your parents. I try to see how people may behave a certain way and give them the benefit of the doubt. I guess that that is a form of forgiveness.

Thanks for a wonderful spin,


Beautifully said.

Sarah at themommylogues

Beautiful, beautiful!


Beautiful is exactly the word. Forgiveness is so difficult to learn. To have it demonstrated for you from such an early age is a blessing.


I love days like this when you just tell a story about YOU. Why are you Gretchen? They always hit me the best way. Thanks!


Oh, I love this spin. It's just beautiful. I have a similar unbloggable story - I have a person in my life who did a horrible thing to me - yet I still choose to keep her in my life. It just makes sense. People evolve and grow - that's what we're here for.

Thanks for sharing this awesome story, Gretchen.


I love that quote, so true. Sounds like your father was a wise man!


Gretchen, your blog is one of my favorites. I 'met' you through SubMat and I read everything you post. Today's post may just be my favorite thing you have ever written. Beautifully said; hooray for awesome daddies who raise strong, loving, wise, forgiving women. [Who also enjoy having a good time!!]


Very lovely words. Isn't it interesting how our environment shapes us? What a lovely thing your daddy passed on to you.


That's some intense and beautiful stuff -- thank you for sharing it with us.


Beautiful, Gretchen.


Wow, this is absolutely amazing! What struck me most about your post was how at peace you seem to be. I'm sure that's no coincidence, as forgiving others brings us an amazing sense of peace.

What a beautiful person your dad was! I'm a bit jealous, as my dad is still an alcoholic and has no desire to recover. He's not really part of my life--never calls, never visits. I just see him at family functions. It's like he doesn't even really know me, which is so sad. But maybe I'll learn from your example and forgive him.

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