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Thank you for sharing these recipes. I plan to write them out to add to my recipe box. And, Food does equal love.


You. Are. Evil.

I love you, but...evil.

(BTW, I agree w/ Michele - food IS love. Just ask one of my kids.)


This is just about the sweetest post I've read in ages. I LOVE it -- and your admonition to make these recipes, to share in the love.

Thank you, dear friend!


I agree food is love...my mother's brother had terminal cancer just this spring she baked him 14 pies in a 2 month period. Everytime she took him a pie she would say what kind would you like next as it was pretty much all he felt like eating and it gave her something she could do for him to show him how much she loved him. He passed away June 18th but my uncle knew how much his sister loved him with every pie she made him!

Sprite's Keeper

Wow, these recipes look delicious! The julekage bread sounds like it would be a favorite. Such love in this Spin! You're linked!


Wow, thank you so much! You have such a gift for writing. I will copy out these recipes and add them to my box.

I wish I enjoyed cooking.


I love these recipes! And yes, food equals love. I always associate food with love--My first instinct when someone is having a hard time is to make them some yummy treat. Glad I'm not the only one who feels that way!


Isn't it amazing that cooking one thing can take you back to cooking with your parent? I have good memories of my mom cooking and setting me loose to bake in the kitchen.

Stacy Uncorked

Awwwww! I love this, Gretchen! What awesome memories you have cooking with your mother - and the compliment about you being the Gourmet...priceless! I have now saved all those recipes in my special recipe file - I especially want to make that last one with Princess Nagger, because I know she'll love it as much as Jude does. :)

Spin: Cooking Passion Started at a Very Early Age


Oh my god, some of those sound so delicious. And yes...food IS love, I agree. I wonder if my Mom kept those bizarre recipes she let ME make when I was a kid, haha! Mine were VERY nonsensical. And usually related to dessert, not manicotti.

Love this post!

Ange M.

I just found your blog today via the Top 25 So Cal Mom Blogs contest and I had to comment here because my mom bakes Julekage every year. Her mom was born in Norway and all of the ladies in our family baked like crazy esp. during the holidays. What a fun post :)

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