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I seriously hate when people can't figure out those doors. Granted I hate those doors but please even I figured them out quickly.

And what about the ones that stand on the left? Come on people, it's stand on the right, walk on the left. Doesn't matter what city you're in BTW. The rules are the same!

Sprite's Keeper

Oh how I love Jenni Oscarelli!
Gretchen's right, she is ten kinds of awesome, and only nine exist!
I feel the same way about Christian Slater, I often joke to John about who's imitating who with the Nicholson references.
We don't have crayon issues in our laundry, we have gum issues. I've taken to searching John's pockets now to make sure it doesn't add three more cycles to my current laundry load.


Have yet to encounter a crayon in the laundry, but with Bruiser's love of coloring, I'm sure it will happen. I have given random Lego guys the whole wash, rinse and fluff routine. They take it well though, until they start to clatter in the dryer. Lovely sound that.

Cathy Kennedy

Revolving doors give me the heebie jeebies. I don't know if I'll slam my face into it when I enter or exit. This happened to me one time. Really! My husband died laughing at the sight of me plowing straight face into the door, too. Now, I simply try to avoid them at all cost. No need to have a repeat incident and humilate myself again, right?

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1. I vote for passive aggressive cleaning lady.

2. I feel the same way about Slater. Nicholson the Younger has wigged me out for years, even when (or maybe because) my sister was obsessed with him in high school, and I was subjected to many, MANY films of his. I've blocked the experience. Mostly.


LOVE the randoms! Giggling like a fool here!!!


This is great.

When my son was in preschool, he had such a problem getting dressed in the morning that I would dress him in regular clothes rather than pjs. That way we had no fights in the morning. Then, he wised up to what I was doing and it's been hell ever since.

Captain Dumbass

Thanks Jenni, I'm totally going to let my kids go to bed in their cloths now.


I've been letting X go to sleep in his play clothes for ages. He decided he hated pajamas for whatever reason, so in the morning I sometimes have to put pants on him and that's it. I'm sure the daycare secretly judges me when he shows up in the same shirt two days in a row, but whatevs.


Wait, are you sure it's the cleaning lady moving your krappe around? That happens at my house, and I definitely don't have a cleaning lady (the dust bunnies will attest to that). Sounds like the work of a toddler to me.

At least your kid sleeps in clothes. My little one sleeps in his diaper (and only because he knows he'll be in trouble if he takes that off). If we clothe him, he takes it off the minute we're out of the room. It could be 2 degrees out, when we go to get him he's in diaper. Awesome.


Love it!

Michele R.

ugh the crayons! But have to admit while shopping for school supplies the other day I did not need to buy crayons, but I opened a package just to sniff them.

Stacy Uncorked

Jenni!!!!!!! So nice to see you come out of RTT retirement - sorry about the lateness in commenting, I'm just getting caught up! :)

People who can't figure out those doors are lame - particularly when it takes them three times (or more) to do so.

Crayon laundry is not fun.

My hubby cleans up like your cleaning lady does... ;)

Thanks for randoming up! Nice to 'see' you again! :)

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