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I always love your random posts like this -- the future King of England waved to me, too, on Sunday morning when his car passed by the donut store on Third. His window was open, he poked his head out and waved right at me.

And I looked at the British site -- I'm in. I totally agree with the interior decorating problem -- that bed, for one, needs a few more pillows to plump it up and the kitchen -- good lord.


A house that size on only a 1/2 acre? For a million pounds I'd want at least 2 acres. And, just try getting that red paint off the gear of the water thingy. Just not going to happen. I love old house sales sites. I could spend hours on them. That might explain why I don't get anything done.

You are now my go-to gal for all Netflix TV shows, you know. Yes, I know this has nothing to do with your random post. I just had to share.


LMAO!!! I have a "friend" like that on Facebook too. Took the healthy thing and kooky thing to a whole new level. He posts at least (no exaggeration) 50 times a day so I just blocked his feed. I like being an unhealthy, chemical & dye fueled heathen too much I guess. Bring on the margueritas dammit! ;-)


That guy sounds like he's worth it to be friends with solely to make fun of his status updates!


I love the cottage! I don't blame you for searching that UK website. I have a few crazy facebook and blogger friends who I wonder why I follow them. Happy Tuesday!


The only people more annoying than the born again exercisers are the ones who use Facebook to preach at the rest of us. I'm happy you found the Lord, but really I don't need to see bible verses and your sermons as statuses.
Off soap box now.
I love looking at old houses--and imagining living in them--the reality is most likely somewhat less romantic, but I like dreaming.


The free slurpees were 7.11 oz, tinee, and our 7-11 ran out of the freebie cups, so no freebies. B had to buy the kids slurpees so as not to disappoint them, but then came home in an angry snit to email a nastygram to Southland Corp.


Carmageddon - yes! My sister's been talking about it. And she has to get to an engagement party IN THE VALLEY on Saturday. She's going up on Friday night and staying with a friend, but she has to be back home (they live near LAX) by Saturday afternoon/evening for her roommate's birthday party. She is unpleased, to put it mildly.

Hahahahahhaaaaa!!! That video is priceless.

OMG, I'd love to move to the UK again. Jason and I have actually mentioned it as "not out of the question" if he ever were transferred. I'm going to be lost on that site. Sigh...


Ack, now I'm obsessed with looking up rental houses in the town we used to live in near London. There are some really cute places.

I want to go. NOW. :)

Sprite's Keeper

You do have to give a little credit to anyone who uses "twas". Just a little though.


Here in Chicago there are two seasons: Winter and Road Construction. Both of these cause traffic jams. The best of luck hunkering down for carmegeddon. I hope you brought enough food to last the weekend.


Hubby is obsessed with looking at houses in New Zealand. He's always showing me beach front properties where we can keep sheep. I'm almost sorry we're out of town to miss the princely waving but since we're also missing Carmageddon...

My crazy FB person is my brother who enjoys posting witty things like "Headin to Hooters with my baby mama!" And he's 45. Um, yeah.

Sarah at themommylogues

Royalty! I would have wanted to drive by the house, but then I would have worried I'd get arrested for stalking or something.

Ummmm...Yeah, if I lived somewhere with a 7-11 I would have been ALL OVER a free slurpy. To celebrate my being an idiot, I'm going to have another Diet Coke!

Stacy Uncorked

Oooh, good luck with the whole Carmageddon thing - that does not sound like fun. Hopefully you (and millions of other people) can just stay home this weekend. Yeah, I wasn't able to keep a straight face typing that last sentence. ;)

I'm with Michele - love the house, but only 1/2 acre? I'd definitely need more than that to plant grape vines on. ;)

That 'friend' on Facebook sounds like a piece of work - but I can see why you don't block his feeds, they provide non-stop giggles (or eye-rolling). :)

Thanks for continuing to rock the rebellion with me!! :)

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