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Yes, adding another 1, 2, or 3 children to any mix is great for the short haul. But it becomes really hard work. I was a total advocate of family compound living. My parents lived close and the in-laws closer (even though I took care of them more than the other way around). Grocery shopping without kids took half as long.

Erica@Pines Lake Redhead

I smiled my entire way through this post. All three kids are adorable. I love Julianna's smile.



What Erica said.

The look on Jude's face eating his hamburger is priceless.

Sarah at themommylogues


They never stop talking. Not ever. Not for a minute. And they want to be with me ALL THE TIME. Which is sweet, and I'll miss it when they hate me as teenagers. But the talking. All the Talking. I don't even know where they get it.


Happy to see it's girls everywhere, though, and not just mine.

Glad to see you survived - I'll have to start watching Walmart commercials now.


Girls. Never. Shut. Up. That is why I generally know every single detail about what happened at school each day. Useful?

Lynn @ Curly Girl's Music World

Love these stories. Love being away from my girls for a moment.

However, in Julianna's defense about Silver Lake being big... two weeks ago, after picking Isabella up from school, we walked the entire circumference (2.3 miles). All three of us. The girls spent the majority of the hour it took us to do this talking about how big the lake was. How far we had walked. How close were we to the car. It was agony, but a good workout. So, I think Julianna was pulling on her recent memory of walking completely around that lake as a measure of its size.

BTW, I'm already ready for another trip to Vegas. Good thing the grandparents are coming in for a 3 week stay at the beginning of August. Hehe!


I'm smiling ear to ear, especially that last comment from the inimitable Jude.

And any time you want a houseful of kids, you can have one or two or three of mine. Just say the word.


Heh! How cute. And how wonderful of you to keep them for three days.

Did I say congrats on the Wal-Mart commercial? You must tell us when it's going to start airing. The boys are SO excited to see Mom's Friend On TV.


OMHeavens if that is not cute. I love how Jude is only concerned about not being squished in the car. So when's the WalMart commercial coming out?

Michele R.

Do keep us posted on the commercial--that is so great you got it!
LOVE the photo of Jude in the backseat flanked by the girls.
Those conversations you've captured are a hoot!

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