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Woo hoo on getting your car back! I'm getting mine this afternoon.

unmitigated me

When I was a young Catholic kid (11-ish), I, too, went to VBS, and was soundly chastised for my heretical parrotings of Catholic doctrine. Yeesh. Still, Wade Dunn was in my class the whole summer, so it was totally worth it.

Lynn @ Curly Girl's Music World

OOOooooo, cannot wait to hear about the girls next week! (I'll be checking in from my Celebrity Spa Suite at the MGM Grand.) May I say "Thank you" in advance? They're all yours - enjoy!


Repairs always come in 3s or is that , death or sickness? Anyway they seem to breed. You're doing pilates? You are my hero. I can't do pilates. Not I won't do them I can't. After the first hour of trying I can't move for a week.

Couldn't find the Grub Rub at the Central Market. Will try the H.E.B. down the street.


Sadly - your week was more eventful than mine.

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