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Sprite's Keeper

Oooh! I love the color of your bedroom! That's the one room of our house we just don't know about in terms of color, but terra cotta seems lovely and warm. You're linked!


Oh, my god. You (and Jimmy) make me laugh. This was possibly another favorite post for me -- I love the terracotta room, too!

But the photos of the hung paintings of Mommy -- fantastic.


This is the typical conversation at our house:
Me: What color do you want to paint the bedroom.
JR: I don't care.

a few days later, with paint swatches in my hand
Me: Which of these colors do you want to paint the bedroom
JR: I hate all of them.
Me: But, you said you didn't care.
JR: I don't, but I can't stand any of the ones you picked out.
Me: Then you come to the store with me to pick one out.
JR: No, that's okay. I trust your judgement.
Me: WTH?

JR always goes for "white bread" I tend towards, "artsy flea market chic."

Over the bed I say you go for a textile wall hanging.


lol - very funny! I happen to like the hippie dreck look... er, at least I did when I was a kid. The old hippie in me also has a great vibe about the bedroom - love it!


Despite his claim that he prefers hippie kitsch, Beloved and I have pretty much the same taste. We also understand Jimmy's "vibe" thing; it's taken us 6 years to decorate half the house, because we really have to get a "feel" for something to buy it for our house. If we "feel" it enough, we'll decorate an entire room around it, like the vases in our dining room or the funky "Cajun Cookin'" prints in the kitchen.

As for the rest of it:

Be: What shade of green would you like to paint the bedroom?

No one ever said he was stupid.

Erica@Pines Lake Redhead

Very nice! The harem color is perfect and reflects Southern California. Your bed is beautiful! The terracotta goes well with the warm wood tones.

How about a quilt wall hanging over the bed? We actually have a needlepoint rug over our bed. I sewed a sleeve onto the back and slid it on a decorative rod from Pottery Barn.


Okay, I now rescind all complaints I've had about Jason's need for involvement in decorating decisions. I was nodding and "yessing" along with your post until you hid Jimmy's style choices. Jason has opinions, but thankfully they're not quite so...unique. Just not my preference. ;)

Harem is quite pretty! Good call on not carrying it further, though...

Ooh, the quilt suggestion is perfect. A sorta-funky art quilt could go nicely & still fit Jimmy's need for vibiness. My mom's done some that come to mind.


I totally was going to say put harem scarves over the bed, but you could put a really cool textile instead - like a tapestry - I bet Jimmy would get a "good vibe" from that.


I'm betting you could hang some sort of cloth art item over the bed. A textile or woven picture.

I lived with peach walls for many, many years. I'm not sure about them still. You decorated nicely to match it, though. Hmmmm. Making me re-think it all.

PB says he doesn't want to be involved, but he always gets involved.

Stacy Uncorked

Thank goodness you have a talented friend (and very clever finding the color 'harem' to really get Jimmy on board). In lieu of hanging a glass-shattering earthquake unfriendly picture above your bed, you could go with something like the applique art (and forgive me, my brain is fried in this heat, so the actual/technical name is escaping me at the moment...but I bet you know what I mean.)

My hubby has tacky taste, too - sometimes he'll hang something or display something that just doesn't 'fit' - and like you, it may take a while, but it migrates somewhere else...unseen. ;)


@Jan - I don't care.

...As long as it's warm.

... and matches our $1,000 quilt!


The room looks lovely! I have a perfume tray just like you have that belonged to my grandmother. The quilt idea over the bed sounds nice, or get one of those picture hangers that are closed, so a picture can't bounce off during a shaker.


I guess that sometimes they can get it right. It really is a great looking room.

Thanks for sharing,


I love the color. I really have to push Nick--given the choice, I think all our walls would be white or maybe beige. I don;t always pick the right color, but I at least go for color.


I say go for some kind of quilt or fabric art hanging over the bed that way if it falls it won't hurt you! BTW.... love the bedroom.


http://wallquotes.com/wallart.html <--Found this and thought, "hmmm Gretchen was looking for alternatives to go above her headboard.

Also, my mother is making me margarita popsicles for my birthday. ;)

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