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My version of Camp Mama includes paying your rent on time. Not eating the last of Camp Papa's ice cream and not touching Camp Mama's stash of red wine. In the past these have seemed to be difficult rules to follow. Hope you have better compliance.


LOVE IT! Wish I lived nearby and could become a camp counselor. I have no experience with campers Jude's age, but I have a 2 1/2 year old and a need for liquor and Mama Time!

Captain Dumbass

We'll be doing Camp Grandparents this year, grandparents who are far too old to be toting children around anywhere so their daily activities will consist of 8 hours of online gaming with briefs rests for food.


Sprite's Keeper

My kid is going to the same camp she's been going to all her life, only this year she gets to play with the big kids. Let's gloss over the hike in tuition we have to pay for that honor...

Sarah at themommylogues

Amen. Yay, we have no schedule! Boo, we have no schedule!

I'm implementing a token system for electronic usage. 15 min. per token, tokens available for reading, physical activity, chores, school-ish worksheets, etc. We're also taking advantage of the library reading programs (free!).

And apparently, we will be burning through vast quantities of craft supplies.


Camp Mama here has the added benefit of the back yard, with the possibility of daily swim team practice (we find out tomorrow if we get space on the team), and THIS YEAR, WE ARE GOING TO LEARN TO RIDE TWO-WHEELERS, DAMMIT!

Spaces are open if you feel the need to get out of L.A. for a few days. It's only a two day drive, and we have space for guests. :)

I also love designing t-shirts...I'll get back to you on that.


I have run a branch of Camp Mama for many years, but it is now incorporating with Mom's Taxi once again after many years of hiatus (this is what happens when there is a 12 and 8 year gap, respectively, between the older two and the youngest one). Mother's Stat Care is also open for business this summer, stocking a large supply of Solarcaine (since campers do not listen to the Director when she advises them about the prudence of wearing a shirt in the pool after many months of avoiding direct sunlight) and Pepto Bismol (to offset the binge eating that school-free leisure time engenders). Fortunately, we are at a point where campers must look for gainful employment if they wish to continue to swim and binge eat, because Mama ain't payin' for it any more.


I remember your mama camp from last summer. You have a very lucky boy. And you are both going to have a whole lot of fun to be sure.

beta dad

Can I get on the waiting list for next summer?

Ginny Marie

Go, Camp Mama, Go! Here's hoping you (and Jude!) survive the summer!


No $20 camp this year? Maybe your Camp Mama can visit my Camp Mama. We've got 5 or 6 weeks unaccounted for and your camp sounds way more organized than mine.

Good Luck with your "Clean the House" game!

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