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Excellent idea!

My boys surpassed me in Star Wars knowledge some time last year, when they began watching the Clone Wars cartoons. Actually, they probably passed me long before that, when they watched Episodes I and II more than twice. (Yawn.) (I still won't let them watch Epi. III...just too psychologically disturbing, what with the younglings being slaughtered and all.)

They've been asking to watch TNG, so maybe I'll add that to the queue. Yeah, twist my arm to watch endless hours of Sir Patrick. Le sigh. I've only seen one or two episodes of the original series (I KNOW), so another great idea.

Thanks for the inspiration!

unmitigated me

Now I have to watch your DS9 episode. Gorgeous picture on IMDB, btw!


All of those are very important to a young man's (or woman's) education, and all are something my children were schooled in at very young ages. Alas, we all misstep - about a year ago, The Young One asked if he could watch "Raiders of the Lost Ark"; it seems the only Indiana Jones film he'd seen in its entirety was "Kingdom of the Crystal Skull."

Oh, the shame...what kind of mother am I? Needless to say, we rectified *that* right away!

Erica@Pines Lake Redhead

Summer School never sounded so good!

Star Trek Enterprise is actually pretty good. The writers did a decent job of tying things into the original series. Perhaps you should put it in the queue for spring break.


you are so awesome, can I enroll mine? I'll drop them off around 11.


We schooled our boys early on all of these shows. It got so the oldest boy could dump his huge bucket of legos on the floor and free-flow construct the whole Enterprise. Very Impressive. Please tell Jude to never sign up for the "away team" because you know they are toast in the first scene.


I can't wait until the boys are old enough for these (and Mel Brooks, I could be waiting a while).

It's hard when you realize how many important parts of your life your kids will never experience if you don't show them! We're watching the original Sesame Streets because I was horrified that LG didn't realize that Ernie and Bert were actual residents of the street (he has only seen them in CLAYMATION in Elmo's World!!!) Ugh.


I like this idea -- excellent!

The Red C

You have indeed been remiss!!! My heart almost stopped when I read the "Star Wars is stupid" quote!!! An appreciation for the finer things in life - like Star Wars and Star Trek - is critical in the emotional development of any child. On the Monty Python front, I would hold off on "The Life of Brian" for a bit though. ;)


A few years ago when I had a middle school classroom, we spent a few weeks teaching literary elements using Star Wars. It was perfect for those boys.

Sounds like you have a great plan.


Get the Star Wars Clone Wars cartoons from Netflix. My kids love the movies but ask to watch the cartoons all the time. I also have to read every Star Wars book known to man and try to pronounce all the crazy names properly. I will be sharply corrected and laughed at if I slip up and say a name wrong.

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