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I haven't watched any of them since the first 2. So I can have no opinion on them. You are the expert on movies so I'm going to defer to you and not watch them. I drooled over Han also, then I drooled over him as Jack Ryan. I'm pretty sure I have a thing for Harrison Ford.

unmitigated me

And Phantom Menace is the best of the three! You may want to preview Revenge of the Sith, as it is pretty intense, and includes things like dead children! The dialogue, oh George, you should NEVER write dialogue. Ick.

The battle scene between Qui-Gon Jinn (Neeson) and Darth Maul may be the best fight ever filmed. Thank god there was something to like.

Michele Renee

my youngest has barely seen the country on our cross country road trip--he brought along 5 of the 6 dvds. He is obsessed and can talk anyone's ear off on all things star wars. he has even now watched all the commentaries and deleted scenes.....


We saw this in the theatre when it came out, and Oldest Son and I have regretted it ever since. You're right - Jar-Jar Binks was the most interesting character in the damn film, and he makes me wince every time I think about him. LAME.

You'll have better luck with the Indiana Jones series. Well, if you can sit through Temple of Doom without cringing or Kingdom of the Crystal Skull without busting a gut laughing. Perhaps you should skip them all together and just show him Raiders of the Lost Ark and Last Crusade (which REALLY should have been Last).


I did not like the Phantom Menace. And after that one I refused to watch any of the "first episodes". I'll stick to the original Star Wars movies--the best ones, back when George Lucas could still tell a story.

Lynn @ Curly Girl's Music World

Julianna has not seen any of the Star Wars movies, but I can talk about her totally adorable reaction to Star Tours attraction at Disneyland. Before the new revamped version (which we will checking out next week), Julianna and I went on Star Tours during her 5th Birthday visit to Disneyland. Isabella was still a baby in a stroller and had totally konked out at 7pm. So, Julianna and I, and her "new best friend" Jasmine, another 5 year old birthday girl we met in line earlier in the day, went to Star Tours. Julianna was very serious about her seat belt and was so very interested in going on a spaceship into the stars.

When the ride started and we seemed to be launched into the sky Julianna, VERY seriously, but still in awe, whispered, "But, Mommy, we left Daddy and Isabella on Earth." I'm almost burst into tears at her earnestness. I assured her that we were just taking a brief spin through the Galaxy and would be sure to return to the exact spot on Earth that we left. We'd see Daddy and Isabella very soon.

She enjoyed the whole experience like nobody's business. She still talks about it. And, she has gleaned further info about Star Wars the movies. So, we might launch ourselves into family viewing of the original movies. The new ones, Julianna and Isabella must view on their own time.

Thanks for a great series of posts.

Sprite's Keeper

Nope, call me a purist too. I found the whoe thing boring. Sprite has asked to see Star Wars, a movie I loved, and I won't show that to her for another couple of years since she's way too young for the story.


I know I have seen Phantom Menace, but I don't even remember it. My dad was just saying he wants to re-watch the first three, the Luke/Leah/Han ones. ;)

Christina @RantRaveRoll

I with you. I was always a fan of the "old school" Star Wars... and Han is a hottie. The newer ones just don't do much for me. Don't think I even bother with the others after Phantom Menace.


I have always meant to rewatch them in a marathon style.


I agree with you 100%. Never liked Episodes I-III.

Oh, and might I suggest you preview episode III before showing Jude? I won't let the boys watch it yet. It's not the violence...it's the psychological weightiness. I'M not ready for them to be exposed to that level of slaughter. If you do decide he's ready, it's probably best that you're prepared to answer questions. I can't watch it; it hurts my heart too much. (But then, I've always been deeply affected by slaughters or ambushes in movies - Clear & Present Danger and The Rock come to mind as movies with scenes I just can't handle.)

michele renee

on hour 12 of driving......my guy says to tell jude to duct tape the 2 light sabers together to make the dual kind.

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