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I, too, read Gone with the Wind when I was 12. And 18. And 26. And 35. And 43. Yes, it's incredibly racist from a modern point of view, but it's also pretty historically accurate and the woman knew how to tell a story. I've also read Garp, To Kill a Mockingbird (I also missed that one as a student, but The Young One had to read it last year, so I did too - LOVED it) and Catcher in the Rye (I felt compelled to after John Lennon's assassination).

Now I want to read the Sound and The Fury. *turns on the Kindle and starts searching*

Sprite's Keeper

I think I would much rather read your version of Garp than the one I read. I got none of that out of the book. I likened it more to someone who grew up so afraid of reality, he sought his excitement through sex. I don't remember anyone being very happy in that book and the ending was so grainy, emotionless. Tell me I was reading the wrong book!
As for the others, I am adding to my reading list!
You're linked!


Wow. Wow. Wow. Now I know DEFINITELY why I love you to death. We have so many significant books in common -- and they're not the usual ones --


Wow, GREAT fodder for my Goodreads list!!! I haven't read most of these. Thanks!


Sense & Sensibility and 100 Years of Solitude are among my favorites.

Garp is probably my least favorite Irving book.

But I love your list!


Some great reads to add to my list! I have been meaning to read Beloved and 100 years of Solitude. Thanks for the recommendations.


I am so surprised and glad to see Robertson Davies on this list! You don't hear people mention him much anymore. I love every one of his books. Have you read The Cunning Man? The Cornish trilogy might be my fave too. I think they helped make me want to go to grad school in literature, or I hoped it would be like that. Then of course, it wasn't like that, or it was in a totally different way...as full of intrigue and bad behavior, but nobody got killed. Anyway, great choices here!


Loved your list and am looking forward to adding some of them to my to read list. My middle daughter read Gone With The Wind in 4th grade. I should not have been surprised. She locked herself in her room in Kindergarten and taught herself to read with her tape recorder and book of bible stories! And she has never stopped. Now at 26 she still reads 3 or 4 books a week!

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