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I am weeping with uncontrollable envy that you got to spend a week flirting with Avery Brooks, whom I've had an uncontrollable crush on since he first appeared as Hawk in Spencer For Hire.

But I love you anyway. You lucky woman.

Sprite's Keeper

I don't care how melodramatic you were, your eyebrows were BITCHIN'!
And I love the way you took this Spin, I always knew aliens lived among us, I just didn't know they required so much time in make up. :-)
You're linked!


I find it funny that they had to match up the dirt smudges. Reminds me of the makeup artist who gave me a bruise and pronounced it Bwuuse.

Excellent Spin,

Ellie Belen

For anyone that loved Star Trek, this would be an incredible experience. This would definitely rank high on my bucket list.

Now you will become a great trivia question to stump obsessive trekkers. Who played Michael Eddington's wife Rebecca in Deep Space Nine? Awesome.


You are so awesome.


You're so gorgeous, Gretchen. You were and still are -- perfectly gorgeous.


Oh, girl, you've got some SERIOUS geek cred. I bow. Here you are, part of the effing MAQUIS and flirting with SISKO, while I simply feel lucky to have participated in the ST experience they used to have at Universal. (Remember that? At the time, I was too embarrassed to ask my parents to buy the souvenir video of my sister, Dad, and me beaming down and kicking Klingon butt, but BOY do I wish I had!)

And, Alien Nation! I was pretty young when it was on, and I didn't watch many episodes, but I actually remember yours. Very cool, you murderess, you.

Can't wait to show the boys your DS9 clip. I was telling them about Camp Mama this morning. They've decided to call ours camp Mommy. We may need two kinds of shirts. ;)

Captain Dumbass

I am in geek love now. I saw both of those episodes. You have reached a new high in coolness.


If only I knew you then, I would have been the coolest geek in the book store! You do look amazing, though. Now I can tell the boys I know an actual, uhm, alien.

Erica@Pines Lake Redhead

You have reached extreme levels of hotness in the sci-fi geek world. Something I will never achieve. Congrats! Your hair and lipstick are perfect.


You've gotten closer to "aliens" than most of us will.
At least you can look back with fondness at your acting endeavors.



I think everybody else was taking it even more seriously than you. It must have been the style, at the time ;)

Phil K.

Hi Gretchen - My name is Phil. I was one of two P.A.'s that worked on Deep Space 9 back in the late 1990s during the period your episode was shot. Although I'd forgotten your name, I TOTALLY remember your face and recall what a complete sweetheart you were! If I'm not mistaken, you came in for a 2-3 days and shot most of your scenes on Stage 18 (which was where our cave sets were). You should be very proud... "BoG" turned out to be a great episode!

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