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ROFL!! You and I have the same kind of dream , although mine is travelling the country in a 5th wheel because let`s face it...I don`t camp well. I want to be comfortable. Seriously comfortable. ROFL!!

Awesome randoms!! Well done!!


I have a dream that my husband and I will someday drink coffee together too, somewhere on a porch overlooking a beach or mountains. But he doesn't drink coffee either. :) Happy Tuesday!


My hubby and I think that we will try being camp hosts for the forest service after the kids have grown up. This may entail having a better camper, but we like camping.
Peanut butter and honey is big around our house.

unmitigated me

I'm pretty sure I'll never get closer to long term camping than the Holiday Inn,but I dp have great capacity for self-delusion. Vandy-I am already doing what I would like to do in retirement-help out at a museum-but now I get paid for it!


Happy Tuesday -- thanks for subbing for our dear Gretchen. I'm off to visit your neglected blog!


HA! JR & I camped for many a year. Now, we don't but fantasize that we will get back to it but only if we can have our own bathroom and the mattress is really good.


We're taking the boys camping this weekend. My dream of a pop up and coffee by the lake may be forever spoiled.

There is nothing wrong with peanut butter toast for dinner except that you're missing the nutella.


I'm glad I'm not the only one who eats peanut butter for dinner. I'm allowed to feed it to my kid, too, right?

(insert sleek line here)

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