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Terra Heck

I've gotta say, Vince Vaughn is pretty hawwwt. I can totally relate to the meteorologist observation. There's a new one on our local channel who's good looking, but a few fries short of a Happy Meal. Me and the hubby watch the weather just to make ourselvs feel smarter. Happy RTT.


What the hell is a triple deep into left field? And, Uh...do they get more points for that?

I remember June Gloom. I also, remember Floating Ash season.


Our weather girls are young and pretty and seriously ditzy. It's only the morning guys that are serious and know what they are talking about. It gets embarrassing.

Lucky you seeing Vince Vaughan. I've heard he's really nice too.


That June Gloom sounds awful. Here in North Florida we're in the season of hot as hell temps and afternoon thunderstorms EVERY DAY. And the rain never makes it cooler. Fun! Happy Tuesday.

Sprite's Keeper

June gloom and Vince Vaughn all in one post? I'm not sure what to think first, I'll go with Vince Vaughn. Sigh.

Lynn @ Curly Girl's Music World

First time showing my daughters our new bidet - splashed myself in the face. My little angels never fail to mention this incident whenever we are showing the house to new guests. Priceless, every time!


Here in Cleveland the weather is just WTF. No telling where it will go in a day, anymore. This morning at 9:30 it was black as night the clouds were so dark. Now? Bright and sunny. Damn.

Re-consider the bidet post. I'll admit they intimidate me a bit. I don't want water splashed on my tush unless it's Vince Vaugh doing the splashing.

Sarah at themommylogues

Today it might hit 100 degrees. IN WISCONSIN. Then Thursday will be 68. I'm not thinking about the storm that's going to have to roll through here to make that happen.

Do you remember a period of time when all the weather chicks were pregnant? Was it just something I noticed because I wanted to be pregnant myself?

Vince Vaughn is one of those people that I don't think I like, but really I do. I always like him in a movie more than I think I will. And then I'll see him on Ellen, and I'm totally sold.

Sarah at themommylogues

Oh! Speaking of random, Ella got to bring home her postcards from school, and sure enough, there was one from Hollywood! Thanks, again! I'm going to stick all of her postcards up in the playroom, and maybe see if we can collect more on our own.


Oooh, Vince Vaughn is one of my favorites. Your life is so glam, Gretchen.


Ahhhh...good ole SoCal and good ole June Gloom. August really IS the best summer month!

Parents who don't know the game that their own children are playing kind of drive me crazy. But if you don't know the game, at least the people watching is good!!!!

Happy Tuesday!


I have to say I am MIGHT jealous. I was super happy when Vince and Jennifer Aniston broke up because I want him!!! I also have a friend who adores him and was going to name any boy child she had Vince - her married name is Vaughn - but she had two girls. ;) BTW her Hubby was all for it.


The hubby is in love with LA and so he has LA weather programmed on an app on his phone so I was just talking about LA was supposed to be in the high 60s all week (according to the weather app). Whereas in Kansas we will be in the 100s. Yay us.

And I think Vince Vaughn is really good looking. I wish I would see him at our local baseball games!


June gloom in L.A., and finally some sun up Seattle way. (Hey, that rhymes...) Sorry for stealing your sunshine, but you know, we kinda need it more after the gloomy winter we've had...


Vince Vaughn? Vince Vaughn?! I clearly live in the wrong part of the country!!

Happy Random!

Stacy Uncorked

What is it with the weather people? It does seem as if they're only hiring what they think are lookers, but not so much...

Vince Vaughn? How cool is that that he was at his nephew's game and your son was playing too? Maybe I should move to Cali instead of back to Seattle...though the June Gloom is probably worse in CA than WA... ;)

Thanks for continuing to rock the rebellion with me - sorry you've been having issues with MisterLinky...I'll look into and email you a possible solution! ;)


Love the post, as always.

Don Johnson attended all of Oliver's game, watching his son who was on our team. Nice-looking guy, still -- although he did keep to himself. Probably so that none of us would write about him on our blogs -- :)

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