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Hospitalized with heavy metal poisoning. In Hawaii.

Uh-huh. Chi, how long is your nose these days?

Sprite's Keeper

I have worked in this field for almost 9 years. Next time, and you live in LA so there's ALWAYS a next time, call the cops. Get it recorded. Take pictures of the license plate. I don't care if the pope hits you. They could be the nicest people on Earth, but deal with the insurance companies instead. Just glad you're getting your car fixed and his rates get to suffer a bit.


Looks like his chi isn't so good now is it? Sorry, I couldn't resist that one.
Glad you are getting your car fixed. Rental cars are fun--they aren't the normal and are just that much more exciting.


I love this story. You just can't make that shit up.


And here's to no more rear-ending with Chi. Tee Hee.


That is the most convoluted-ass BS I've ever heard of to get out of an insurance payment. I'm sorry, was that cynical?

At least he's actually insured. Apparently.

I once let someone drive my vehicle and they got rear-ended. The guy who rear-ended them said, "Oh, man, can we keep the cops out of this? I'm kind of drunk," AND THEY LET HIM GO.

I don't lend out my vehicles anymore.

Sarah at themommylogues

Wow. That's a lot more exciting than the couple of trips we took to the library at this Camp Mama.

Chi? I feel like you probably shouldn't travel if you're really that sick. I'm beginning to think his typo of mental poisoning was more accurate.

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