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You mean, the COOL father-in-law is coming to town? Awesome. And for the record, Bucca Di Beppos is a great place for a gathering of 18.


Good luck. My family and in-laws mostly all live in town. I get logistics of family all the time. I hope things go as well as they can and that Jude has a wonderful first communion with all his loved ones there.

Lynn @ Curly Girl's Music World

I thought of you this afternoon and sent a little prayer of peace your way. I know you must be in the thick of it. How wonderful that Jude has his grandparents for his special day. I can't pry either of our sets of grandparents out of their East Coast domains. Julianna and Isabella have 4 alive-and-kicking grandparents and has seen them all about 3 times their whole lives. That's just sad, as I see it.

Good luck. I'll assume you're not singing with us on Sunday. By the way, Saturday morning doesn't count for Sunday. Not that I want to start any trouble, but they should all come to Blessed Sacrament and let you sing and then go to Denny's. Not going to happen, I'm sure.


I think that I would love these people...

So, where are they staying. I should have told you about the place that I stayed for my very brief stay in L.A. VERY CLEAN. Mommy would have approved.

Have fun, my friend. And remember, wine is your friend...


Oh, my God. I might have to go have dinner at Osteria Mamma just for a looky-loo.

I love you, Gretchen. :)

Michele Renee

wow. wow. You can't make this stuff up. Hang in there and enjoy Jude's day.


Ah, yes - The Inlaws. Mine are so tight they squeak when they walk. Or talk. Or move. My FIL hasn't spent a penny on or around us in the 13 years Beloved and I have been together. This, coming from people who own a $250,000 RV that gets 6 miles to the gallon, which they drive from Arizona to Ohio and back again every year. Did I mention they camp this thing out in my SIL's front yard all summer so they don't have to pay for space at an RV park? We'll also have them over several times this summer for dinner and drinks, all of which we'll pay for and they'll never reciprocate.

Thank you for this opportunity to vent. :) I envy the fact that your inlaws live on the other side of the country year-round.

Erica@Pines Lake Redhead

OMGosh! I thought brunch with my in-laws was painful. Jimmy going to all of the places ahead of time makes me speechless. I don't know what to say. I kinda wish I was invited.

Good Luck! Hang in there! Strength and Honor!


God help us all!

Sarah at themommylogues

Just, wow. This makes figuring out lunch for my gluten-free FIL seem like a cakewalk. HA. Gluten free. Cake.


Gretchen, all I can say is Oh My. Really, no words.

Amy in Australia

Can you please take some covert video?? These characters are larger than life! Sounds like you've planned really well. Hope it's all going great--can't wait to hear about it!


Oh man! I am getting caught up on all the family invasion posts. I bet you are limp as a dishrag right about now.

I want Jimmy on my team. His driving around, scoping out, and palm greasing. I love it.

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This makes figuring out lunch for my gluten-free FIL seem like a cakewalk. HA. Gluten free. Cake.

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