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I think Live Long And Prosper is a wonderful wish for your child.
We all want that for our kids.It is something he will remember and possible pass on to his kids. Spock would be proud.

Ginny Marie

I hope those hugs and kisses last a little bit longer! So sweet! I always blow my Lily a kiss as I walk out of her room at night.

Thanks for your support in my walk...I'm leaving you the link to my page, and then you'll know my REAL NAME! (Shhh...it's the same name I used to "like" your FB page!)

Avon Walk

Ginny Marie

Okay, my link totally doesn't work. So much for my computer skills. Here's the link again, and I hope it works this time!



I think "Live Long and Prosper" is a WONDERFUL addition to your bedtime routine. And it's good you're getting him up to snuff on Star Trek - always an important part of childhood.

Well, in MY house it is...


Star Trek is an institution and you can never buck an institution.

My boys gave up the kiss/cuddle stage around this age but sometimes they still need their mommy. Now, what mommy needs is a grandchild to kiss/cuddle but my blasted boys are not very forthcoming with that project.

Erica@Pines Lake Redhead

I love it too!

"I love you" in sign language is something special I've always done with my youngest son (he had hearing difficulties and speech delays due to ear infections). But now I think "live long and prosper" is something I should start with both of my kids. It's an excellent blessing for our children.

Sprite's Keeper

How cool are you?! Sprite knows the Hawaian peace sign because her cousin taught it to her, but other than that, she doesn't get the peace sign. She just asks why people like the number 2 so much.

Mama Zen

That is the cutest thing ever!


I hope you told him that today was International Star Wars day: May the 4th be with you!


I recently introduced my 13 year old to the old Star Treks and he loves them! Makes me so happy:)

Kathleen Thomas

Hi there,

I have a question about your site, would you mind emailing me back @ kthomas@primroseschools.com?


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