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LAPD- hot or cute?


It would have been just like that at my house except that I would have been much more freaked out. My Corgie would have gone crazy though if someone came into the yard. The Goldendoodle would have brought them a ball. She has priorities.


Our dog Guiness, he would have barked his fool head off until the bad guys said hello then he would have jumped on them in an effort to make them his best friend. Not really intimidating.
Glad you only got in interesting story to tell. Turbo would have done the same thing with a new game--if he had his own DS and a new game.


Wild. You need to send that in to the Op-Ed page. It's hilarious and cogent and true.

Erica@Pines Lake Redhead

You crack me up...

"I had la-dee-dahed outside with my curtain rod"

How do you stay so calm? I would have moved by now.

Michele renee

I thought FOR SURE that you were going to mention that you had once again rented out your house to a studio for a film location!
I have visions of the po-po kicking your pile of laundry with gun aimed, ready for the perp to be uncovered.
OK, back to princesses and fairy tales, I am dying to know your thoughts on the royal wedding, even though it has been days.

Lady Kathleen Yankee of Baltimore

The Bug

I don't have to worry about that at my house. Kenny from across the street would call Kenny from next door & then Kenny from next door would call me. I wouldn't even have time to wonder what was going on.

That is pretty scary though - I'm glad Jude wasn't traumatized!


That sounds about like when our neighbor Bernie lived across the alley. That dude got raided FOUR TIMES in the 8 years he lived there. Turns out he was committing white collar crimes including real estate fraud.

Sarah at themommylogues

Holy cats, I come from a small town. Just small. If something was going down, we all knew it. I remember a few years ago somebody's purse was snatched at the dollar store, and someone driving by followed them in her car while talking to the cops on her phone. Purse retrieved.

Sprite's Keeper

Fancy needs to train my dogs. They bark if a mouse farts two streets over.


BlogFodderLand, that's where you live.

I can't decide whether I'm envious or not...


Great Story...My son would have done the same thing. Nothing can drag them away from those video games...haha


This is such an L.A. Story story. I really think you've got to send it in. And, when is your book coming out?

Sharon Evans

I almost forgot I am only reading a BLOG and not a script for some Angelina-Jolie-action-movie. It was really exciting! It reminds me of my tragic experience when my family and I transferred to our new house in a bigger city. Our first day was a CHAOS! Not because of our things scattered around but because of the incident happening JUST OUTSIDE that new house! There was hostage taking!

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