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Captain Dumbass

I've never understood the whole cold cuts thing. It's like eating a disassembled sandwich.

Erica@Pines Lake Redhead

Except for Mommy's tummy trouble it sounds really good so far.

I think the cold cuts thing is a NYC and surrounding area habit. Growing up in NJ everybody ate cold cuts.

Sprite's Keeper

Wow, this sounds a little like this past weekend when I went to see some family on the east coast of Florida. Except I got to leave. :-)


What an invasion. Eagerly looking forward to the next installments.


By the "little cafe in the Hollywood Hills, are you talking about the Beachwood Cafe, where we spent many a Saturday morning, wherein we made you retell the cow story, until coffee spewed from our respective noses?

That cafe?

I miss those Saturday mornings... :)


So cute! I love that they are also chocoholics. ;)

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