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Happy Birthday Jude!
It's amazing how close in age Jude and Turbo are--Turbo turns eight the 25th. How can they be so grown up already?
Love that gap toothed smile. Turbo's has filled in somewhat, but I loved it when he would smile and have those gaps.

Michele Renee

What a special weekend celebrating the birth of your baby, who made you a mom, and celebrating Mother's Day too.


Happy Birthday Jude!

Can you whistle through those teeth? Because that would be so cool.

Happy Mother's Day Gretchen.

Erica@Pines Lake Redhead

Happy Birthday Kiddo!

Gretchen, congrats on eights of motherhood!


Happy Birthday, Jude!

Gretchen, that is one GOOD-looking boy.

Sprite's Keeper

Happy birthday, Jude! My daughter is extremely jealous of your big boy teeth. :-)
Happy Mother's day early, Gretchen!


Happy Birthday, Jude!!!

He shares the same birthday with one of my best friends' sons, who's also turning 8 today. Happy birthday, kiddo!


Happy birthday, Jude! You're an awesome boy born to awesome parents.

Happy Birth Day to you, Gretchen!


Happy belated birthday to you,Jude!

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You're an awesome boy born to awesome parents.

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