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Ginny Marie

What a wonderful, wonderful post, Gretchen! You put my own post to shame! So many wonderful books, and so many wonderful memories of your mom. Little Women was one of the first books I downloaded on my Nook -- I just loved reading it when I was younger. I loved reading about how Beth overcame her fears to go and play the piano next door, and how Jo would write in the attic...

I know Jude will cherish time spent reading with you, especially when he's older! Thanks for linking up!

Erica@Pines Lake Redhead

What a wonderful memory! I could easily picture you snuggling with your mama and being absorbed by the story. Your post triggered memories of reading and snuggling with my own children. Thanks!


I have that same book and tender memories. As I sit insulated in a corner of sun at a noisy Starbucks, I am passing the time until 9:30 comes and I go to my first born's class to be the secret reader. This was the perfect post to discover today. Now, if I can keep the weepiness at bay...

Sprite's Keeper

So sweet! Is that the same Little Bear that the Nick JR cartoon is based on? The pictures look a little familiar.

Sarah at themommylogues

James and the Giant Peach! That was my favorite with my mom. Oh, and the Boxcar children! Jude might like those.

Ella has no time to snuggle & read with me. She will read forever on her own. But she doesn't want to listen to me. Natalie and I could lay in bed all day while I read. We are finishing the Wizard of Oz right now, and then we're moving on to Little House.


Aw! X still asks a million questions, but he does like some of my faves, like Where The Wild Things Are, and Go Dog Go.

I guess I was a bit tomboyish.

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