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I feel the same way. How did I morph into this and really, why is it so bad? I think there's an awful lot of tyranny to "look one's best" and "to keep up one's appearance," etc., but who made these rules, anyway? And for the record, whenever I see you, in yoga pants or not, you look beautiful. Really.


I think we all have "the uniform". Mine, lately, has been corduroy pants and a series of 'work' tops. My only consolation is that I haven't succumbed to the librarian uniform; denim jumper and sensible shoes.


I turned into my mother, attire-wise: comfortable capris, tank tops and a cotton, button down shirt over the tank that I don't button. The only difference is our shoes; she was fond loafers. I own 47 pairs of Crocs in a dazzling array of colors and styles.

Talk about depressing...


What? That's my uniform. I like it! That and the maternity shirts that make people say, "Oh! Are you adding another one to the family" because I love their mortified expressions when I say "Nope! Just fat! But thanks for asking."

It's so much fun!


Having a casual office--like jeans and t-shirt casual--makes dressing up unnecessary. My uniform is a pair of jeans and a t-shirt. I try to wear a nicer shirt, but always fall back on the jeans.
At home I love my yoga pants. Even if I've never set foot in a yoga class. I do try to not wear them to the store though.


I have days like that, yoga pants and a t-shirt days, but most days I pull it together. It actually helps me be more organized and productive if I'm wearing a cute 3/4 sleeve boat neck top and cute jeans, as opposed to my yoga pants. Now, I try only to wear them if I'm doing yard work or running. I TRY. I don't always succeed.


Yeah - I can do you one better. I work in AN OFFICE and my uniform has become a t-shirt from Banana, Old Navy or Target, a cardigan if its cold, and one of 8 or so pairs of Eileen Fisher pants that I am sure most people assume are sweats. ;P


I do add a necklace to make it "dressy" so sad! I used to wear HEELS and skirts to work.


Though it would be perfectly acceptable in my current workplace to wear yoga pants, I've tried to rebel and wear "outfits". This is mostly to reassure myself that I am a professional worthy of being hired by someone else, so I didn't abandon all hope. So now I suppose I'll be expected to walk the walk, at the new job.

If I worked from home or stayed home with X, though? I'd be in the 'uniform' every day.

Erica@Pines Lake Redhead

Yep, I'm right there with you. My weekend uniform has become black yoga pants, sports bra, tie-dyed t-shirt, and flip-flops. I don't even do yoga anymore so I don't know what my excuse might be. If you find a solution, please share it.

Sarah at themommylogues

I know. And it shouldn't matter. I think it doesn't really matter to me what other people think about the clothes. But I notice a difference in my own mood if I put on something other than an overgrown sweatshirt. Most likely something I stole from the husband. Who is 6'3". And put on my 5'2" self. If I put on a kicky top and a more attractive pair of jeans or a skirt (!) and a little mascara, I just feel a little more chipper. A little more upbeat. Optimistic even.

And yet. Here I sit. In a giant sweatshirt.

Captain Dumbass

Jeans and a hoodie.

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