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Michele Renee

Glad you guys did not get really hurt!! You should both get some chiro adjustments. If you have insurance let someone know it was from an accident. The insurance carrier will go to his car insurance company and they will do the paperwork. I bet being plowed into shook you up in more ways than your spine, and that is why you were not on your game in the church parking lot.
Hope the audition went well despite the surprise visit!

Erica@Pines Lake Redhead

No idea what all the car wrecks might mean in the big scheme of the universe. And I'm very glad you and Jude are ok. But please, please, please get your back examined. I speak from personal experience.

Sprite's Keeper

Well, they say things happen in three's. Let that be the end of it. Glad you're okay though.
One question, did you ever get to audition?

Sarah at themommylogues

Good gracious. What a lot of activity. I would say that's enough now.


Oh my gosh. "I'm a boy. I'm strong." I am going to get on a plane and fly out there right now and hug him. What a sweet SWEETHEART.

And Gretchen, please stop smashing into cars/having cars smash into you. Your friends are worried.

Seriously, I think this means you are all out of bad luck for a while. xoxo

Mama Badger

Me thinks this is God's way of telling you it's time for a new car (or to start biking, either one.)


Yes, get your back looked at, please.

I don't know. I always have those runs of accidents when my personal mojo is out of whack. Maybe you're supposed to take the bus, or something?


Wow that is awful. Do we need to send bubble wrap?


LA drivers.


As your lawyer, I advise you never to say, "It was my fault." Ever.


Oh, no! You just can't make that shit up, as I say.


Yes, good chiropractor, one recommended by someone you trust.

Bubble wrap sounds like a good idea. A vacation, far away, with no driving involved, sounds even better!

And nice timing on the period return. Audition, really? The body always picks such convenient times...

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