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Thanks for playing along!!!
Leave for our vacation in Cuba this weekend.
Have a great week and I'll see ya when we get back!!


You and I have a lot in common - only I'm only 5 feet tall. I think the storytelling thing is, indeed, a Southern thing. My exhusband HATED for me to start telling a story; he also saw it as rambling on and on (he also hated not being the center of attention, but that's something else all together). Beloved, fortunately, finds it endearing.

And good heavens, girl, please post recipes and take pictures! I'd love, love, love to see what you cook!


What a great way to kick off the weekend.

Michele Renee

Oh my gosh, Gretchen. I have been out of the loop this week with being out of town and computerless for 4 days and then slammed at work. I just popped on over and was so surprised to see what you wrote. It really touched me as I am a tired, emotional mess this week…and reading about what you like about yourself and me thinking likewise is something I really needed today. I will definitely come through with these thoughts in a future post. You are an awesome storyteller indeed.
I do cook and I do bake and I saw a bunch of canning jars at Goodwill and almost got them but I didn’t.
P.S. I never made an appt with my dentist for the same infection thing I have next to a crowned tooth and after reading about yours it may be 6 months before I do.


Thank you, thank you, thank you! I'd love to borrow your evening gown (cuz that's what we do right? Borrow each others stuff.) except that it would drag the floor by 8 inches. I'm just not sure if the cleaner could get out that much road sludge.

Don't believe Jimmy about the storytelling. You are great! JR doesn't want to hear my stories either. He has decided to use the "if I interrupt often enough she'll shut the hell up" strategy. I promise to keep him away from Jimmy.

Sarah at themommylogues

Stop it! Well, first of all, a much deserved award for you. I always enjoy reading what you've written, because I can kind of imagine it's more of a conversation over coffee than a website. Because I think we would get along famously in Real Life.

And thank you thank you for putting me on your list! I'm working on locating my missing blogging mojo - and this might do it. Doubly perfect for today because IT'S MY BIRTHDAY!

Captain Dumbass

Good work tagging Mary, she's been slacking.


OMG, I am so honored, Gretchen. You are my favorite FV friend.


Congratulations -- it's much deserved! I've been out of the loop this week and missed some posts, so I've got to go and catch up. I'm glad that you're tall, that you tell a good story, that you love to talk and that you're a good cook. Being forgiving makes you a saint --

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