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I know that it is never a good thing to hear your doctor say--Hmm, we don't usually see that. Hope you mend well.

Mama Badger

Uhm, yuck. That whole things sounds yucky. Especially in your mouth. But, on the bright side, you're on the frontier of emerging medicine, right? You go with your "forging new paths". But, still, yuck.

Sarah at themommylogues

Oh. My. Word.

I hope everything is back to normal very, very quickly. Because, yuck. And ew.


I would have lost my sh*t about nine times during that experience so congrats on keeping it together!

And you are contributing to medical science!!


Frickin endodontists, man. I'm telling you.


Well, as long as you have weird stuff to gripe about, it's nice that you have a forum to do it in ; -)

unmitigated me

This is very important: You don't take Boniva or some other meds for osteoporosis, right? Email me.


I was fine until you got to the exposed bone.


And, um, I'm sorry about the hold in your head/mouth. But...gah.

Elizabeth Cull

I hope the hole in your mouth is all better now. I am surprised at your neutral description of how you got that hole in your jawbone in the first place. Don't worry, the human body has a unique way of healing itself. Stay healthy!

Ted Grimmer

I am glad you felt better on the following days and that there’s progress in your situation. It really helped that you called your dentist right away and didn’t try to mend it on your own. It’s true that our body tissues regenerate. It may take a while, but the inside of your mouth will surely go back to its normal appearance.

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