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Wow! I'm exhausted just reading that. I was not so productive. I did a round of brewpubs, wineries, resale bookstores, memorial services and farmers market.


Spring and fertility and bunnies--sort of goes together. I always took it on faith that magic does not need explaining.
Turbo has decided that the Easter Bunny is a kangaroo--cause the bunny hid lots of eggs way up high. That the only way it could have jumped that high.
And so the magic is saved for another year. Although we have said aloud that those who don't believe get no loot. That may keep the "belief" going long enough for Bruiser to enjoy the magic.


I think you need to build a house out back for Jimmy. A little doghouse. Please don't tell him I said so. :)

And you look gorgeous in your hat. I'm going to comfort myself with the recording as I'm so sorry that I missed you live --

unmitigated me

Gawd, I love the internet:

"In second century Europe, the predominate spring festival was a raucous Saxon fertility celebration in honor of the Saxon Goddess Estre (as in estrus and eggs!), whose sacred animal was a hare. The hare is often associated with moon goddesses; the egg and the hare together represent the god and the goddess, respectively."

Those crazy Pagans.

Ginny Marie

Are you crazy? I can't believe you survived all that AND blogged about it! Wow! Jude looks extremely handsome in his tie. Happy Easter!

Arabelle Mccuen

Everyone seems to have a great spring break. Anyway, how was the dental appointment? It's great to know that your child accompanies you to the dentist. Usually kids go frantic when they hear the "dentist" word. But it's amusing how others are too excited to be in the dental clinic, right?

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