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I know I'm going to be the one riding the roller coasters with Turbo because Nick hates them. I'm not sure I would have been able to ride the GhostRider. I like to be strapped in but good on those rides.
A write-off would make the torture less painful.


Gotta love a ride that actually defeats your bra! Sounds like a blast to me.


Wow - I am sure my t-shirt would not have contained my breast...

Boo boo is still having nightmares about the flume ride at Nickelodeon Universe though - so I won't have to get on anything scary for a while. ;)


My husband and I love roller coasters. Our kids hate them. Which seems odd but true.

Sprite's Keeper

That last photo proves that even Superman gets tired!


I love roller coasters! It sounds like fun!

Captain Dumbass

There's just something about a wooden roller coaster that throws the terror level over the edge.


Awesome! Sounds like they've upped the thrill level at Knott's since I last lived there. (Not surprising; it's been TWENTY years. Holy cow. That makes me feel old.)

But, OMG, your boob popped out? That's a hell of a ride. Or you need a new bra. Maybe both.

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