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unmitigated me

I love you fiercely, Gretchen, my friend, but I HATE that book. I hid it from my children.

Sprite's Keeper

I recently got the Moose book for Sprite. Then I read it. Then I hid it where it will never be found again.

Sarah at themommylogues

Deep sadness over here. Ella got a fever last night and today, and had to miss the big Dr. Seuss PJ party at school.


Even without your showing the picture I could see them in my mind. We read that book all the time.

My mother recently sent my copy over to our house...guess we better read it tonight!


There was a time I could quote that book verbatim without even looking at it. I guess I better pull it out and dust it off in preparation for the grandchildren.

Jeeeeeez...I'm old.


The one I relate to the most is "Horton Hatches an Egg". Reminds me of my first wife. But that was a long time ago and therapy has helped me get past that.



My favorite is "Did I Ever Tell You How Lucky You Are?" Nicolas (Nicky back then) used to recite it and beg everyone who came over to visit his new baby brother to read it to him.


Captain Dumbass

I can't wake the kids up to see this because it's past 11pm and that just wouldn't be right, but I'm going to show them before school tomorrow. That was great!

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