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Stacy Uncorked (http://stacyuncorked.com/) is hosting Random Tuesdays until Keely comes back. It was still fun!!


I can get behind Menopausal Monday but I think you might be limiting your contributor base. I like the Turning Back Time Tuesday thing because frankly I've got a ton of stupid family stories so my laziness will turn out to be something of a blessing.


I'd SO join in on Menopausal Mondays.

The photo thing? Yeah, it's a substitution for the Spin Cycle, but an anemic one. So in addition to that, I've been letting Tastespotting.com shred my ego to tiny little bits.

Yeah, rejected again. *sigh*

Erica@Pines Lake Redhead

In fact, I found your blog through the Spin Cycle. I'm lacking in inspiration also. I need to find a carnival too. Turning Back Time Tuseday could be fun. We've all got stories to tell.

Sarah at themommylogues

Certainly you can still have a day of random thoughts? And why not host one yourself?


I joined up with Stacy at Stacy Uncorked for random Tuesday yesterday and it was fun. She doing it as a rebel until Keely comes back.
I do a couple of other fun memes--namely Confession Friday--a sort of get it off your chest kind of post. They're fun and it give me a place to complain about the drudgery and things I'm not really savvy about. I'd consider a turning back time Tuesday--but I'd need a bit of guidance or a topic to help choose a story.

Sprite's Keeper

First off, thanks for the best laugh of my day. It's almost noon here. I guarantee, this was my highlight, especially since the kid will be in her room for an evening long time out tonight so my night should resemble some of those intense negotiation scenes you only see out of Hollywood.
I think I'll check out Ginny Marie's new one, sounds good!
No worries, Keely will return to the RTT, or if she doesn't, Stacy will hopefully hold the reigns. And the Spin Cycle? Well, still not sure about that. I can't seem to get my schedule straight to devote the time.. Not out of the running, just out for the season right now..


I'm stunned about the Random Tuesday thing. I loved those Tuesdays, here. Why don't you keep it going?

Lynn @ Curly Girl's Music World

You post so many great recipes, I'd love for you to host "Fun Food Friday" so we could all share, compare and enjoy.


Oh good heavens, I have no idea! You can tell I've been completely out of it lately, anyway, what with the move and a trip to Disney in Cali (I know, your neck of the woods, and I didn't even say HI!) and the move...oh, and we moved.

I could use some guidance, myself.


You could host something! It would be good for your new social media manager role...
(I think I found you on Spin Cycle a while ago). xo

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